Zombie FPS Games of 2015

| May 3, 2015

This year sees the release of some of the hardest, and scariest zombie FPS games to hit console and computer screens. The graphics are sharper, the gameplay is bloodier, and the zombies are more undead than ever before. FPS is a genre perfect for zombie thrillers, with original and vicious weapons to carry out your killing with, you can be sure that headshots, body mutilation, and gut wrenching body shots will be all part of the massacres. Here are the best zombie FPS games of 2015.



Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is released for PC, linux, and PS4. It’s a zombie action game that features the frenzied waves of zombies like Serious Sam featured baddies. You take up position in a area with your team mates, as it features cooperative play, and you hold off the waves of zombies that rush in and try to destroy your team. This game features infinite supplies of blood. There are slow motion vision effects that allow you to complete headshots, and see the results in pure slow motion glory.

Blood doesn’t just disappear after a kill, it stays on the floor, so by the time you finish an area, its changed to a nice red and green zombie massacre color. Even when you kill a zombie close up with weapon such as the shotgun, the blood fills your entire screen for a moment, before dripping off There are a huge range of original and cult classic weapons. Sniper rifles, swords, pistols, flame throwers and lots more in between. The games weapons have been especially designed with 200 frames per second animation footage. This makes each weapon really come to life when you enter the slow motion Z mode. Killing Floor 2 is sure to be the bloodiest zombie FPS of 2015. Early access to the game has already begun via downloadable content, and the final released version will follow soon.


H1Z1 is available for PS4 and Windows PC. Its a massively multiplayer online game that takes place after a zombie apocalypse in a rural location in America. The game forces you to interact with other players in a bid to survive the hordes of zombies that will hunt you down during the gameplay. As you explore the environment and look for shelter from the dynamic weather landscape, you’ll find lots of remnants of the previous occupants in the area. There are houses to explore to raid items from, and shopping centres. As well as character abilities there is also the need to hunt for food from the surrounding environment, and each character in the game has a background story with certain key skills.

THe zombies feature intelligent AI capabilities to ensure that they don’t go hungry they will gather in packs if there are large numbers of players that group together in shelter. You can craft weaponry and also get access to different vehicles throughout the game. With the ability to transport other players will you help new team members or mow them down violently. You can group together with other players and build bases that allow you to stay safe from threats on the map. The game has been released on early access mode, but has featured some initial bugs. Still, the takeup of the game has generally been good, with more than 1 million players purchasing the game.


Dying Light

Dying Light has been billed as a cross between Resident Evil by night, and Mirror’s Edge by day. This is a perfect way to describe this massive explorable world of city construction, and zombie inhabitants. The game features some advanced ideas that include grappling hooks to get to any location in the game, and also more than 100 weapons that can be crafted together to provide over 1000 variations of weaponry in the game. Dying Light features a dynamic lighting system, and a day and night cycle making up the main part of the storyline in the game. During the day players are forced to scavenge for supplies and equipment, and then at night they are forced to run and hide from the engulfing zombie hoards.

There is a complex storyline to follow in single player mode, making up over an estimated 50 hours of gameplay. You can also play the game through as a cooperative multiplayer with 4 friends on a game server. There’s even a multiplayer mode that allows you to join a server as the powerful night hunter, and actually hunt out the players on the map. The game has been released for Windows Pc, lInux, PS4 and Xbox One. It has received much fanfare since its initial release in January 2015, and has gone on to become one of the best selling titles so far in 2015.




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