Wusthof Gourmet 14-Piece Deluxe Knife Block Set

| May 20, 2015

As a Chef, you want to create the very finest food dishes for your clients. A Chef is only as good as the food that they serve, and the most important too in the Chefs hands are their knives. What kind of knife should you own if you are a chef?

Wüsthof Gourmet Knives

Wüsthof Gourmet Knives

The obvious answer would be sharp. One of the sharpest and well known knife makers are Saber. They have designed a knife set that is perfect for any chef. It gives you a range of knives perfect for all occasions, and all types of food dishes that you want to prepare.

This knife set is really a premium set of quality knives, and it even comes with its own carry case to keep them safe, and protect them, if you are travelling.

These knives are manufactured with hot drop forging, and then treated with ice to create a really exceptional quality finish. The knives are made in China, and the company Saber have inspectors that inspect the quality of the knives produced on a daily basis. This ensures that can pay a low price for the very best in knife technology. The knives are full tang.

The knives in the set are all built to high German engineered precision standards. The steel that is used is proprietary German steel, and it is tough enough to cut through even the toughest meats and materials, yet still soft enough to allow you to sharpen the blade. They stay sharp, and cut precise, even tricky foods.

  •  Granton Knife Edges.
  • Heat & Freezing Treatment.
  • Full Tang.
  • Professional Chef Carry Bag.

You store your knives in an amazing storage carry case. They are held in place by special magnets in the compartments that mean your knives won’t slide or move about when you are carrying them. This is a superb feature, and especially useful when you want to take your blades home. The actual blades of the knives are held in place with a sleeve, and inside the case there are many other compartments to store any other items, such as a pen, or anything else that you might find handy as a Chef.

The weight balance of the knives is fantastic, and very firm to grip around the handles. There are a full range of knife sizes, and blade edges including with the set, including a sharpening wand. This is definitely what you need if you are a long term Chef, or even if you are starting out your career as one. These knives will last you for years, and even if you break one of them, you can easily replace it by buying a single knife to re-complete your set.



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