Wii U Super Mario Themed Games 2015

| May 16, 2015

There are some great Super Mario games due for release in 2015. The Wii U has brought Nintendo’s plumber to the new console with bigger and better graphics, as well as new and unique gameplay. This is a roundup list of some of the best Mario games featuring characters from previous adventures for the Wii U, and a preview of some to come.

Super Mario Party 10

Super Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10 is an interesting take on Mario games with the game meant to be played with friends as a fun night in activity. It’s a board game style action romp, that features the team of Mario characters travelling around a giant board game, while stopping to play small mini games in an effort to win the most points. There are various modes in the game, including Mario Party and Bowser Party modes. The mini games include titles such as:

  • Whack a mole style golf game where you have to hit golf balls as fast as you can but avoid the bombs that popup.
  • Mountain challenge where you have to move between giant monster block squares, and get your timing right to avoid being pushed off.
  • An ice olympics hurdle race where you have to jump the giant snowballs, and slide under ghostly creatures to avoid getting pushed back and not reaching the finish line first.
  • King of the hill style games where you have to either punch each other off a block, or catch the most fish in a river full of flying fish.

The giant boards that you move around on are varied with some land based such as Mushroom Park, and others taking place on giant boats in the sky, as well as Bowser’s own Chaos Castle. The game selections are mostly random, with spinning choices requiring you to tap the button to select the type of game, or the number of players. If you play in the Bowser Party mode you have to avoid bowser as he stomps around the map after you, wrecking the landscape while doing so.

This is a game meant for a quick pick up, and lots of fun. Its a great multiplayer to play with 3 of your friends, and will surely break your control pads with the amount of frantic button bashing you’ll be doing.

Mario Maker

Mario Maker is not so more than a game it’s a complete Mario map maker and 2D platformer rolled into one. You have the option of building any kind of map you can imagine, and filling it with all the powerups and bad guys you can and then sharing it among your friends so they can play it.

There are some cool features of the Mario maker including switching different forms such as the 8 bit classic version and the more updated 16 bit, and Super Mario World, as well as recent 3D graphical versions. It is a 2D map maker that uses the special Wii U controller to give you access to all the sprites and features from the Mario games in your quest to build the most difficult or even the easiest and most fun Mario map you can.

There are lots of new and old sprites featured for the modes that are in 8bit and 16bit, which will give the hardcore Mario watchers lots of enjoyment. You can choose from the different background locations such as the classical above ground pyramid theme, or the dark underground castle background. This is set to be one of the cult classic titles of 2015, with loads of new life given to the 2D platform series as you explore 100’s of other people’s devious map creations.

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart is a well established series in the Mario world. This inception is number 8, and easily the best so far. The game packs a whopping 32 maps, with everything from the classic Mario Circuit to Twisted Mansion on offer. If you have internet access you can download extra maps too, through the different cups on offer, with 16 new maps combined.

Mario Kart 8 is packed full of different vehicles, and customizable tyres and powerups. Each part of the customization that you put into your vehicle impacts massively on your success, as every vehicle has slightly different attributes, and the higher up the scale of each of the upgrades you go, the better the vehicle you have, and better chance of winning races you get.

In the game there are lots of powerups to be picked up that can be fired off against your opponents including fireballs and boomerangs, and a special 2 player online battle mode if you fancy having a multiplayer action with a friend online. The game is also filled with lots of unlockable content and new features as well as all the classic Nintendo character drivers.

This is one of the most fun racing games on the Wii U, and great for a night in with friends activating the split screen multiplayer.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars

Tipping Stars is a unique puzzle platformer variation of the Mario theme. There are 8 styles of levels that you explore, and the point in the game is to help the robotic ever moving Mario avatar reach his goal on the map by interacting with the Wii U controller and helping place the various parts of the levels in Marios way such as travelators, pipes, springs and escalators.

There are lots of your favourite Super Mario characters from the games that pop up in the maps, such as Bob-omb, and Thwomp, and it makes for interesting gameplay when you have no direct control on your mini character to avoid them, instead using eh environment and smart timing. The enemies are not your only obstacles, there are fire cannons, and spiked pits.

To collect the exclusive Gold Trophies that are in the game, you have to make your way to the end of the level while also bagging all the collectables, which is sometimes a risky proposition. There is lots of longevity to this game, with a built in level editor. It means you can create your own map, and then upload it to the internet for everyone to play. Be warned though, you have to have completed the map yourself before you’re able to upload it.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Yoshi’s Woolly World is a 2D side scroller platform extravaganza. Its set in the uniquely designed Wooly World, in which everything, including Yoshi is built from yarn. This makes for some really interesting graphics, and a false sense of security that this fun game is easy. There are nice time touches to the Mario themes, such as when Yoshi eats an enemy, he turns them into a yarn ball instead of an egg.

Yarn balls can then be used to tie up your enemy or interact with the environment to help bridge platforms. There are some really great in game features built into Yoshi’s world, such as 2 player cooperative features, an the ability to swallow your partner and spit them out to higher platforms. There are also cool powerups such as those that turn Yoshi’s legs, into wheels, to better equip him for the level that your playing.

Nintendo plan to launch a mini amiibo character set of woolen yoshi’s that are really knitted and used to unlock game content and features by scanning it in with your Wii U Controller. This looks set to be a giant 2D fun fest, with lots of great ideas presented in Yoshi’s Woolly World, and as well as being cute for kids, diabolically tough in later levels for the hardcore adult gamers. There is even a mellow mode built into the game that allows you to give Yoshi wings to help him fly through the map if you’re finding it too difficult.



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