Which Juki Sewing Machine?

| May 21, 2015

Juki is one of Japan’s leading sewing machine manufacturers. They are owned by Juki Corporation that are a leading industrial machine manufacturer. When it comes to sewing machine that are used in manufacturing, and business, Juki is one of the most trusted brands in the world. This is a review of some of the best Juki sewing machines for sale today.

Juki DNU 1541s

One of the most in demand materials that people want to sew is leather. if you need to sew tougher materials and fabrics, then most of the time, a normal home sewing machine will struggle. The Juki DNU 1541s is a sewing machine that is perfect if you want to work with leather.

The first thing you will notice about this sewing machine, is that it comes with its own table, and is built into it. You will need space to have this machine in your home. The frame that the sewing machine is built into, is a strong metal frame, with a hard wooden surface. There is lots of space for even the largest of materials.

Juki are a well known sewing manufacturer from Japan. This sewing machine is really built to be the kind that will be used if you are a small business tailor, specializing in clothing, upholstery and leather repairs. You can also use this machine with vinyl, canvas, and even laminated products. This sewing machine doesn’t have any technology features, it’s really built with expertise into the engine, and simplicity of use.

The type of features that this sewing machine has includes reverse stitching, and obviously a presser foot. The bobbin and winding mechanism is easy to use. Since the machine is such high power, it does require regular oil added to keep the working parts in good condition. If you’re after a really invincible sewing machine, that can even be repaired by trained technicians if you ever have a problem, then this has to be one of the best choices out there.

Some of the sewing machines that you can buy, offer high speeds, but with the Juki 1541s, you can achieve speeds of up to 2500 stitches per minute. It does weigh quite a bit, almost 75 lbs. When you are using this machine though, you won’t feel it move a inch. The area around the needle is easy to view, and the needle, and presser feet are engineered to be as high quality as possible. You won’t have many needle breakages with this sewing machine.

Juki DNU 1541s

Juki DNU 1541s


Juki TL-2000Qi

Are you looking for a sewing machine that will easily handle materials such as denim, jeans, and stronger materials. Yet Just as easily cope with everyday home sewing projects?

The Juki TL-2000Qi is a sewing machine that can do all types of sewing and even quilting too. It is the type of sewing machine that you can use at home, and if you are an experienced sewer. This Juki machine has a fast 1500 stitch per minute speed. It is a high speed sewing machine that feels like an industrial sewing machine, performs like an industrial sewing machine, but still has the intimacy of a home sewing machine.

It sounds quiet when you see the power that it has, and also has a low vibration sound. If you want to thread the machine then it has an automatic needle threader which means you can thread it up automatically. You can even do this from the heel side of the foot controller.

The case of the machine is aluminium. There is an automatic thread cutter, and also pedal control. The drop feed system is well designed to withstand whatever you throw at it. The bed table is long enough that you can fit large materials on it. The throat is a large 8.5 inches, and 6 inches high. This makes it ideal for larger quilt blocks. The quilting foot that is also included with the machine is designed for free motion quilting, and even free hand embroidery too.

There is also an LED light which doesn’t hurt your eyes when you need to focus on small sharp sewing points.Although this is a high performance sewing machine, it can easily handle lighter and delicate fabrics such as Georgette and velvet. If you need to turn up the heat, and use leather or denim, then again this will be easy for the TL-2000Qi. Although there isn’t any real obvious technology shown on the sewing machine, everything under the surface has been designed to be as advanced as possible. This includes the actual speed of the needle mechanism, which is controlled by a microprocessor which means you get pinpoint accuracy control.

The sewing machine has all the extras you would normally expect too, such as automatic thread trimming, that trims both the bobbin and the thread at the same time. There is an adjustable thread tension scale, which means you can avoid thread breaks on the tougher materials.

Juki TL 2000Qi

Juki TL 2000Qi


Juki DDL-5550

A sewing machine that can handle any material you give it, including leather, and another other tough fabrics. This is exactly what the Juki DDL-5550 can do and much much more.

The Juki DDL-5550 is a top of the range industrial straight stitch sewing machine, that can easily sew through any fabric material with the help of its industrial clutch motor, which powers this sewing machine with speeds upto a massive 5500 stitches per minute. This Juki machine comes attached to a table, which houses the main motor below. You will need some dedicated sewing space for this machine, and also oil, to keep all the functioning parts working well.

This sewing machine, does not have any fancy features. You can adjust the speed, and also do reverse stitch. The power of this machine is really in the engine, and mechanics of the Juki needle mechanism. Even though the sewing machine can really perform at high speeds, you won’t feel like it is out of control. It is comfortable to use and has a low vibration and noise level.

You can even use a wide range of threads with this machine. Including thinner threads, and very thick threads. If you’re looking for a consistent sewing experience, then you can be sure with the machine you will find that. There is a built in presser foot, that has a high lift for thicker materials. You can easily adjust the stitch size to whatever you want.To understand exactly what level of performance you can expect with this machine, you can look at how it has been designed. Juki, the manufacturer has used 3D software to create every feature of the sewing machine. There is a wide range of space in the throat of the sewing machine. The throat plate has marker grooves which make it easy especially for seams.

Juki DDL 5550

Juki DDL 5550


 Juki HZL-F300

If you need a recommendation for a free motion quilting sewing machine, then the Juki HZL-F300 is possibly one of the best options. This is a sewing machine that has a great mix of sewing technology, along with a traditional range of features that make it easy to pick up and use, if you’re familiar with older sewing machines. There are more than 400 sewing patterns, which include buttonholing, reverse stitching, and there is an intelligent bobbin system too.

If you need lots of stitch options then there are more than enough for you with this Juki. A total of 106 different stitches to be exact. There are 3 different font designs that you can use too. Its easy to save your own patterns too. You have the capacity to save upto 70 stitch patterns, and it’s easy to recall them when you need for your sewing projects, just by the touch of the lcd panel screen.

You even get recommendations on the panel to show you which presser foot is best to be using. There is a one touch automatic needle threader, which makes setting up the machine for sewing very quick. There is a foot pedal too, which can also control the thread cutting mechanism. This is really a great option to keep your hands on your fabric or material.

There is a thread tension system that ensures your threads, no matter how thin don’t break or tangle. Its easy to flip the feed dog that you are using, so you can easily move from free hand embroidery to free motion quilting easily and quickly. This is a sewing machine which for all the features it has is the perfect machine if you’re looking for a sewing machine for FMQ, and you’re on a budget.

The speed of the sewing machine is easily adjustable, and allows you to complete some very nice and decorative stitches. There is a great feature which is unique to this sewing machine, and it allows you to size up the button hole with automatic sensors. There are variable needle positions that you can select too, which help with stitch placement. There are plenty of options to keep your free motion quilting ideas flowing.

Juki HZL F300

Juki HZL F300



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