USA Based RC Car Racing Events

| May 21, 2015

Car racing has been thrilling and spine chilling for the racing fans but there is one completely different kind of car racing in USA that has steal the show in past few years. These are known as RC Car events in which the cars race against each other without any racer on the driving seat. These events are generally very popular in United States of America and manage to gather huge crowds in the annual events happening on various tracks across U.S.

RC Car Racing

RC Car Racing

The level of competition is enormous between these radio controlled cars which put on a great show for the spectators in several events. Here, we would try and have a peek inside the history of Radio/Remote Controlled Car racing events and try to find out the most popular RC car racing events happening across United States.

RC Cars Competitions of the past

If we talk of U.S.A. alone then we will find that the Radio Controlled Car racing started in U.S. in late 1960s. ROAR held the national championship for these cars in 1968. Till then the remote or radio controlled cars were made by people themselves spending a lot on improving the speed and structure of the car. It was only in 1970 when the cars controlled by radio or remote control started coming as kits. The manufacturer interested in building up of cars that were RC came from the model world. Some of the known manufacturers to deliver kits at that time in USA were Associated, Delta, Kyosho, Ra-Car, HeathKit, Dynamic, Thorp etc.

In 70s one can say that it was all about achieving the perfect design of the RC cars to attain high performance measures. Tamiya produced the first purely electrically controlled car to reach the market of U.S. In 1979 Geneva held first 1/8th scale On-Road Gas World Championship which over the years became 1/12th to modern 1/18th. The cars used for these races became smaller in size as the events changed according to their evolution.

Popular RC Car Events of USA

Let us have a look at some of the most popular remote or radio controlled car racing events that happen across the U.S.A every year and are able to fetch cut throat competition, numerous competitors and large crowds. Here are few popular US RC car events:

  • Annual Reedy race of champions – It is the annual championship held every year. 2013 happened to be the 18th Annual Reedy race of champions. The championship comprises of several open classes 2WD and 4WD events. It takes place at West Coast RC Raceway. Generally held during a weekend the championship sees immense response from the participators and the spectators.

  • JConcepts Super Cup Championship series – The first such championship was held in 2008 and from then onwards this event has been certainly very engaging for the radio/remote controlled car event fans. Organized by JConcepts the event take places in several phases that take place during different season of the year. The Spring season is from January to March and Fall season is from August to December. Generally held on weekends the event sees overwhelming participation. The championship runs in phases at different venues.

  • JBRL Nitro and Electric Series – This series organized by JBRL in South California is a very popular one. Average entries per RC cars event are as high as 200 and since being a famous South Californian championship, the series takes place in venues located all over Southern California including Jimmy’s own track HRR and HRH. In 2013 the JBRL will celebrate its 10th season of the series.

  • Grass Roots Racing Series – Held across different racetracks situated in Californian state of USA, Grass Roots is a very engaging set of Electric and Nitro events. The series is held in 6 rounds from February to June, one round taking place in one month. The events are mix of short courses, 1/8 E-Buggy and 1/8 E-Buggy trucks etc.

  • LOORRS or Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series – Held once a year this racing series see big names like Team Associated, Team Losi Racing and Traxxas etc competing with each other in various off road events. The event takes place generally on a weekend with 4 broad daylight rounds and 4 night rounds. The 2013 LOORRS is going to start in March and end in October at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.

These are few of the main attractive events happening in USA throughout the year with some extraordinary participation from contestants and spectators.

USA has certainly become the centre of RC car events with several dozens of car racing series and championship taking place all over the year. The excitement in these events is really spectacular and the nerves are always ready for a high action racing events shown by these cars steered by RC.



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