Types of Indoor Rowing Machines

| June 16, 2015

Rowing machines provide a great all encompassing workout for your body. The great thing about rowing machines is that they will enable you to tackle two objectives in one workout. The first would be the fat burning, cardiovascular, aerobic workout. The second would be the muscle building, anaerobic workout.  Rowing machines are great for use at home and some can even be folded for easier storage. Don’t worry if you’ve never actually been out on a lake to row either; you don’t need any previous experience to be able to feel the full benefits of indoor rowing machines.

Indoor Rowing Machine

Indoor Rowing Machine

Cardiovascular and Muscle Building Benefits

The workout you get from indoor rowing machines is quite intensive and can help you reach all of your fitness goals. There is also relatively little cause for concern when it comes to injuries. These machines provide a low impact form of exercise, as opposed to pounding the pavement while running or lifting heavy weights.

The constant movement while exercising with rowing machines provides a calorie burning, aerobic workout that really gets your blood flowing, your heart pumping and your breathing rate up. At the same time, the resistance the machine provides enables you to work out nearly every major muscle group in your body. Your quads and hamstrings will be doing pushing, your arms are providing the mechanism for the pulling while your back and core muscle groups should actually be doing most of the pulling to maintain proper form and gain the maximum benefits.

There are some amazing videos available on the web given free of charge by experienced trainers and you can see the exact form you should use while using your equipment so there is no excuse for bad form okay?

I am personally of the opinion that using an indoor rowing machine is the next best personal workout you can get next to swimming.  But most of us can’t afford a swimming pool of their own and lets face it, you can’t listen to your ipod or watch the latest episode of your favourite tv program while you’re swimming right?  The only question remaining is which type are you going to get?

Types of Indoor Rowing Machine

Air: The air machine uses a fan for resistance that is completely variable to how much effort you are putting into it. While effective and realistic to actual rowing, the downside to air machines is that they can get very noisy.  An air rowing machine is my personal favourite and the type most people have at home.

Water: The water machine also provides a very realistic experience and the resistance level can be changed by altering how much water is in the machine itself. These rowing machines can be expensive but are also quieter than air rowing machines.

Magnetic: The magnetic machine is used to create the resistance needed. These machines are virtually silent however, unlike air and water machines, these give you a consistent resistance level as opposed to a resistance level according to your workout intensity and stroke rate. There are also a combination of magnetic and air rowing machines.

Piston: The piston machine is best for beginners as they are cheap, quiet and smaller than other models. These models feature dual arms enabling you to work each side separately however the all around experience is the least similar to that of actual rowing.

So Are Rowing Machines Right for You?

The bottom line is that indoor machines provide an incredible workout. You can burn calories, trim your waistline and tone your body by working all of your muscle groups in one workout.  Rowing machines can generally be stored easily in your home and come in a variety of models depending on your budget or space needs. If you need a change of pace from lifting weights, biking or the dreaded treadmill – or if you are looking for a way to begin a workout regimen – then rowing machines may be just what you are looking for.

When you buy a rowing machine, be patient.  Don’t jump straight onto it and expect to row like an olympian.  If your fitness levels have been poor so far then chances are you will need to take it slowly.  Don’t expect dramatic results immediately but stick with it, do a little more each day if you can and before long you and your indoor machine will become almost inseparable.



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