Types Of Horse Riding Saddles

| May 21, 2015

Horse riding remains a popular sport and pastime around the world. There is different styles of horse riding and you need a different saddle for them. Here is a list of the saddles that are used in the various forms of horse riding. Depending on which style of riding you take up, you will be required to buy your own saddle, or hire one from the stable.

Type Of Horse Saddle

Type Of Horse Saddle

General purpose saddle

These saddles are perfect for the newbie and intermediate horse rider who has actually simply purchased their first horse and delights in numerous sorts of riding. They are durable with flaps that are cut forward and can accommodate the horse rider well for standard leaping, dressage and hacks or hunts in the nation with little jumps. riding enthusiast balance well on these saddles and there are no pads at the front of the saddle for the knee. They are frequently made use of in riding schools due to the fact that there are a lot of riding enthusiasts of various capabilities and sizes that ride there.

Dressage saddles are created for sophisticated riding enthusiasts who are frequently contending in flat-work riding shows. The saddles improve the typical straight-legged and upright upper body dressage position. They have a deeper seat that looks more like a U-shaped curve when seen from the side which is meant to offer much better balance for the horse riders. Dressage saddles have straight flaps and they are made from light-weight, thin product which offers the riding enthusiasts with a closer leg contact for accuracy steps.

Jumping saddle

Jumping saddles are created to push the riding enthusiasts somewhat forward into the two-point jumping position for when they are crossing fences. This is achieved by offering a flatter seat than dressage saddles which has a C-shaped curve when it is seen from the side. The saddle flaps are much larger which provides the leg more support and there is padding at the front of the flaps which offers security and security for the lesser leg throughout jumps.

Hunting saddles are made for bikers who routinely go fox-hunting in the English countryside. Lots of hunts include jumps over huge hedges with really high drops on the opposite side. For this reason, the saddle is formed to push the horse rider’s weight back in the saddle and their feet forwards in the stirrups. This enables the horse riders to stay in a more secure positioning leaning in reverse when they are landing over big fences. The saddles have a reduced cantle and pommel which makes jumps more comfy. They are made from resilient leather to match the conventional hunting outfit.

Kids saddle

These saddles are extremely lightweight and utilized for kids who are riding little ponies. They are made from artificial products like cotton with little bits of leather or plastic. The shape of the saddle is much smaller sized which enables the kid to be more well balanced in the seat. A few of these saddles will have a deal with at the front which can be made use of for balance. They are typically less expensive than grownup saddles and fit a broad variety of ponies.

Western saddle

They are made from brown leather and can be elaborately embellished with vibrant Western designs. There is a horn at the front of the saddle which assists balance while the various other hand holds the reigns. The saddles are created to be more comfy and strong for cattle ranch hands who invested long hours on horse-back commonly executing sharp turns. There are now around 10 various kinds of Western saddle that have actually been adjusted for the different disciplines of Western riding.


When ladies began riding horses in European nations between ages, it was not considered appropriate for them to straddle a horse, specifically due to the fact that they would be using skirts. Thus the side saddle was established as a method for to sit aside a horse with their legs crossed. This was extremely woman like and permitted them to keep their great clothing clean. The saddles have 2 pommels, or horns, that hold a biker’s legs in location. The right leg rests on top of the leading pommel and the left thigh goes under the lesser pommel. This 2 pommel design can be safe enough for ladies to hop fences and gallop.

Racing saddles

Racing saddles are really little and light-weight. They are made use of especially for jockeys who are galloping and hopping fences on pure-blooded horses. The saddles have just one girth strap and the stirrups are extremely brief. The seat is flatter than various other saddles as they are not meant for a horse rider to sit in however for them to hover over while crouching in the stirrups. Saddles for flat racing have much smaller sized flaps than steeplechase saddles which have bigger flaps to offer the jockey a more safe lesser leg over fences.

Treeless saddles

Australian Stock Treeless saddles lie someplace in between bareback riding and riding a horse with a complete saddle. They are normally made from leather and foam padding with a smaller sized pommel and cantle made from light-weight fiberglass. The saddles offer a closer contact with the horse and permit even more body flexibility however they are not as protected as a basic function saddle for instance. Horses that have backs that are challenging to fit saddles to can take advantage of a treeless saddle, as could possibly horse riders who feel awkward with their position in a complete saddle. Due to the fact that they are lighter, the saddles might not be as protected as others so it is recommended that riding enthusiasts utilizing them additionally fit a bust plate.

This saddle is preferred all over the world with anyone who should invest long hours on horse-back. This might consist of livestock breeders, path riding, stamina riding and polo. The saddle was adjusted for Australian stock handlers from the basic function English saddle however this one has a much deeper seat, a greater pommel potentially with a horn and added padding, especially around the knees. There might additionally be webbing and padding under the saddle for added support and an over girth a strap that runs over the saddle for more protection. These attributes assist to provide the horse riders a more protected and well balanced seat enabling them to be more comfy in the saddle after extended periods



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