Top Travelling Gadgets for Technophiles

| April 21, 2015

What are some handy holiday gadgets that you should remember for your travels? Travelling can be a difficult time. With your limited bag space, and quest to stay as organized as possible, what are some of the best gadgets that you can take with you to ensure you have everything you need? Travel gadgets have come a long way recently, they have adopted more and more specialized technology to make our lives easier. Here is a collection of some of the handiest gadgets that will be sure to make your trip a memorable one.

bad travel preparation

bad travel preparation

Charging your Devices

While we are travelling we seem to have a need for more power consuming gadgets. The Energi 2K Smart Travel Charger is a handy device to carry with you. Its a wall charger that contains a 2,200-mAh battery. You can plug it into a mains, and charge your ipod or smartphone via USB, and then if you are away from a mains you have a fully functional battery that can also charge up your devices. The AC prongs that are attached to the device fold away to allow for safe carrying.


Energi 2K Smart Travel Charger

A really handy gadget is the Satechi Smart Travel Router. Its a compact charging unit that can convert the AC wall adapter in your hotel room, to one of over 150 compatible countries adaptor. It doesn’t change the voltage or current though, so you have to check local guidelines. You can use it to charge 2 devices at the same time. One via the plug, and another via the USB slot. Its most significant feature though is its ability to double as a wireless access point. It will take any wired connection and create a wireless hotspot, however if you plug it in and connect to another wireless hotspot, you can get a boosted signal too.


Satechi Smart Travel Router

If you’re out travelling in somewhere like the outback, or doing a camping trip, then power and light can be a scarcity. If you use the BioLite NanoGrid System you can expect to solve this problem. It has a 4 in 1 functionality, and can work as a lantern, a torch and also a powerbank for charging your USB gadgets. One of its most unique features too is that it can double as a daisy chain for an overhead lighting setup. Your starting kit includes one powerlight and 2 site lights. It’s these site lights that allow you to daisy chain them together, and will support up to 4 of them. Its also a useful gadget if the lights should ever go out in your own home, but its real godsend is when you’re camping in a forest, as the 150 lumen sight lights have 10 feet or cord to connect them up to each other.

A very handy charger to have with you especially if you’re touring in a car or motorcycle is the Juno Power Junojumpr. Its a slick unit that houses a massive 6,000-mAh portable battery which is great if you need to power your laptop and smartphones, but what it can also do is jump start your car or motorbike. You can charge the pack via its micro usb slot, or even via cigarette lighter inside your car. For the price which is less than $100 its a very handy tool to have in your travel toolbag.


Suitcases might seem the last thing you would expect to come under the category of gadgets, but recent suitcases have had some surprising upgrades. Take for example Bluesmart. They claim to have developed the world’s first smart connected luggage bag. It has a digital lock that can be operated remotely, and location based tracking with its built in GPS. There is a built in scale to allow you to weigh the bag just by lifting up the handle. Its all completed via its smartphone app too, which really make this suitcase special. It also has proximity alerts, and a large 10,000 mAh battery to charge your most power hungry devices.



Another suitcase device that uses similar technology is the Trunkster. The Trunkster offers a digital scale, and battery charging. The battery it houses is a powerful 12,000 mAh, and you can charge your devices via the USB without opening the case. You can also remove the charger to charge without the suitcase. There is inbuilt luggage tracking via GPS technology. Its also one of the only suitcases that is zipperless. It uses a special roll top door to keep the contents even safer. Its also water resistant and claimed to be drop, and impact resistant, making it a great choice for bumpy journeys.

An alternative designed suitcase is the Fugu. This bag’s unique selling point instead of being electronics, is its ability to transform from a small carry on suitcase, to a larger size suitcase perfect for checking in at the airport. It has a low weight, and is very durable and strong. There are also shelves included which is something that we don’t normally see inside suitcases. Very handy for folded clothes.

Luxury luggage maker Andiamo has recently just announced their new IQ model. Its a suitcase with many of the same functions as the suitcases already mentioned. It has a digital scale, smart locks, a battery charger, and proximity alarms. What makes it really stand out though is its ability to allow you to plug in a local sim card, and it creates a wifi data hotspot that allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet too.



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