Top Earthquake Apps For Free

| April 27, 2015

There are a range of apps and programs that monitor global earthquake activity, and you can get access to these on your Android, iOS, or home PC. Social media plays a huge role alerting people about earthquakes & tsunamis in their area, but there are so many earthquakes worldwide that sensors, and control centres are set up all over the planet to measure this seismic activity. Each of these centres communicates their data with each other, and they share it publicly too. There are a number of programmers and developers who have built apps that read this information, and allow you to get alerts of the tsunamis and earthquakes as they happen. Although not every earthquake is life threatening, its handy to have these apps installed on your pc or mobile phone, just incase you have to take action with a large one, such as the recent Nepal earthquake.

Earthquake 3D Screenshot

Earthquake 3D Screenshot

Earthquake Alert! (Android)

Earthquake alert is one of the most popular seismic activity monitoring apps in the Android Play store. The app is less than a megabyte in size, and takes very little space up on your android phone. Its fast and lightweight, and loads quickly. Its ad supported so is free to use, and has 3 tabs to choose from to lookup. There is a news feed, which displays all the recent earthquakes or tremors that have happened in your chosen locations. The second tab shows a map with all the points of activity highlighted globally. You have the ability to filter earthquake with the app, and you can do this by intensity or the distance from you. You can also filter by time. There are some nice social messaging features in the app, as you can send the news that you receive to contacts on your social media platforms. You can also register your feedback comments directly onto the US Geological Survey (USGS) website for others to read.

Yurekuru call (iOS & Android)

Yurekuru is an app for both Android and Apple devices. Its best used if your from Japan, as the main language settings are in japanese. The app alerts you with warnings and details about the intensity of earthquake, along with the time, and the epicentre of the quake too. You can access more detailed views with information about the depth of the epicentre provided. It also informs you in advance of earthquake, ans is very reliable at it too. It has some nice cartoon features that give the app a real japanese anime feel to it. You can also register prediction points to receive alerts that are going to be useful to you in the area. The app uses the Earthquake Early Warning system (EEW) and this is delivered directly from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). You can view information about earthquakes that have happened in the past with this earthquake app too.

Gempaloka (Blackberry)

There aren’t many earthquake monitoring apps for Blackberry but Gempaloka is one of the best. It works well with all Blackberry devices including the recent Z10 and Z30,as well as older models such as the Bold. There are limitations if you have a Blackberry with a smaller screen though. There are up to date map pointer information, pinpointing details about the seismic activity that happens in your selected locations. The app allows you to zoom into locations, and view extra pieces of information including the location, intensity and the exact affected area. There are more than 55,000 users of this app, and users receive notification alerts in the form of vibrations along with glowing red markers pinpointing the location.

Earthquake 3D (PC)

Earthquake 3D is a PC app that allows you to zoom and spin around the globe viewing all the information worldwide about earthquake in 3 dimensions. You can control how the earthquakes and the planet are shown on the software. Plus, at a glance view upto 7 days of global earthquake activity on your laptop with ease. You can change and customize the way that the earthquakes are shown. You can also filter earthquake by their size and the time they happened. There are key quake indicators that you can select to view also, and find out the exact map reference and position on earth. Earthquake data is shown almost in real time using the very latest public data from the USGS. There is an enhanced edition of the software, which you have to pay $20 for. You do get a huge range of enhancements on the basic free edition though. There is more data such as that from the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). 4 alternative Earth images with better details, and an automatic updating timer. You can hear custom quake alert sounds, and you can select detailed information from certain earthquake to view in the control panel.



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