The Relaxzen Massage Chair

| May 21, 2015

This Relaxzen Massage Chair, although a budget massage chair, packs lots of great features for its low price. It comes in a comfortable upholstery, which has a chocolate brown color. The soft upholstery has the look and feel of top-quality leather. The massage chair has 8 built in vibration massage motors to help relax your upper back, mid back. You can choose specific massage zones from the 9 pre-programmed random modes, and vary them with 5 intensity levels. The massage chair also has a soothing heat treatment. The chair can easily handle up to a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Relaxzen Massage Chair

Relaxzen Massage Chair

The chair is comfortable and nice looking, and feels like like real leather. It can recline up to about 20 degrees, which is great after a hard days work. You feel like you’re taking a quick nap, and getting the added bonus of a great massage. The chair is lightweight enough to be moved or carried to another position easily. The fabric is heavy vinyl so it’s very easy to clean or wipe down.

The actual heat that comes from the is a very relaxing heat, and you can set everything with the adjustable timer. It is a nice massage chair, and if you looking for a massage chair on a budget, then this will give your whole body a great massage.It doesn’t take long to set up and have working, and if you suffer from osteoarthritis, lumbar sciatica, or you have trouble with your back, then this chair will really help your body get moving. This massage chair can be adjusted to multiple settings, so you can control the amount of massage action, depth of massage, and the heat function. Even if you have the heat turned up, the massage power will still function on full.



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