The Orion StarBlast Reflector Telescope

| May 19, 2015

This wide field telescope features a reflector lens and has more than enough aperture to allow you to see some amazing views of the moon, other planets in our solar system , and some of the deepest objects in space that your own telescope can allow you to see.

This is a telescope that is packed with so many features that you will be entertained with it for years if you are a beginner, and even if you are a pro, and want to upgrade your existing equipment, you will find that telescope technology has already come so far in the last few years.

The Orion StarBlast Reflector Telescope

The Orion StarBlast Reflector Telescope

The Orion Starblast features a wide 66 degree field of view that means when you’re looking up into space, you can see a huge range of the stars and planets. Its very easy to locate celestial objects thanks to the short focal length, which adds to the wide field view of the reflector telescope. If you buy this telescope, you will need a good quality padded telescope case, to safely carry it around and store it too.

  • Wide-field reflector telescope.
  • Equatorial telescope mount.
  • Compatible with Barlow Lens.

It comes with a tripod mount, that allows you to set up the telescope accurately and securely, while you are viewing with it. It also makes it very portable, so you can set it up anywhere for the best viewing. The included 15mm expanse eyepiece will give you 30x magnification, and you can even go as high as 75x magnification with the 6mm expanse eyepiece. Its easy to change these over too, so you can use the 15mm first and then swap it over when you find an object and want to zoom into it even more. If you are really looking for sharp images you can go as high as 225x with a 3x lens.

This really is a great telescope and will be perfect for anyone who is at school, or someone who just wants to study the sky. The telescope also features an equatorial mount which tracks the movements of the stars across the sky. This means its easy to track down the objects that you want to see. You can adjust the viewing of the telescope with the controls to really get any accurate small movements that you want to help you study any celestial objects you find.  It also has a solar filter which means that you can observe the sun too. This is a fantastic feature, and means you can view the sun in its original color.



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