The Most Popular Social Media Questions And Answers

| May 3, 2015

With the amount of social media platforms available today, where best can you focus your efforts and maximise your resources? There are lots of questions that every marketer has for social media approaches. Here are some of the most asked questions, and their answers.

Social Media Questions

Social Media Questions

Q: What social media platforms should I be on?
A: This depends on what your business focuses on andt the objectives to your campaign. If you’re involved in B2B selling then you will want to target LinkedIn. If your consumer based, you should be targeting your audience via Facebook ads, and Twitter ads too. You will want to also include Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing in your marketing spend. Social media can help promote awareness, while ad campaigns will help capture consumer intent.

Q: I’m worried about receiving negative feedback via social media, what can I do about it?
A: Its all about how you engage with your audience. Address your negative feedback diplomatically, as everyone is watching, and waiting to measure your response. If you are running social ad campaigns on Twitter, you have the ability to filter out any negative sentiment as part of the campaign setup. This allows you to focus in on the areas where you have the most opportunity.

Q: What is the difference between advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn?
A: LinkedIn users keep their profiles updated more regularly since they associate LinkedIn with their work and career changes. Facebook users do not keep their changes updated as regularly. LinkedIn can therefore offer more highly targeted ads. LinkedIn is generally more expensive than Facebook ads.

Q: Is advertising on Pinterest worth it?
A: Pinterest is worth advertising on to reach the majority of female users that are on the platform. Pinterest has become one of the largest social media platforms, with millions of users, and a high percentage of user engagement. Although Pinterest ads are new, they offer excellent conversion rates with some promoted posts reaching thousands of targeted fans. Pinterest is highly visual so you will have to target your post or business to this visual nature. If you can write a post that people are likely to re-pin, your post can easily reach a viral status.

Q: What is the best solution for promoting content on Facebook, a single page or multiple global pages?
A: This depends how your business already interacts with its clients and customers. If you have divisions that are specific to different languages and different countries, then you should create separate Facebook pages for each of them. If you are thin on content or have a limited staff budget then organising and promoting from one account is best.

Q: How can I get my new social media accounts to take off?
A: Be sure that your Facebook page is properly named and themed. Make sure you have a relevant twitter handle, and set up business pages in both LinkedIn and Google plus. Create the type of content that will appeal to your main audience, and promote that content everyday through a mix of your social media platforms, and paid ads across the main relevant ad platforms.

Q: How do you manage content on multiple social media channels from a central location?
A: There are a range of software applications that you can use to promote all your social media content from. Programs such as Hootsuite are designed to allow you to promote via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Sometimes the content has be decidedly different from another platform, due to the level of engagement differing between social media platforms.

Q: How often should you update your social media?
A: This is different for each of the networks you are promoting over. If you are as an example, an internet SEO company, then promoting an article like “The 12 steps to successful SEO” would be a good idea on each of the platforms, then you could publish small excerpt from the article a few more times on each of the platforms during the rest of the day. Drip feeding more excerpts or feedback you receive about the content could be used to post on platforms during the week. Posting multiple times a day is essential for a in touch social media approach, as its easy to get your content lost in the inboxes of many users, so multiple attempts is an essential strategy.

Q: What type of posts work best? More pictures and less text, or more text and less pictures?
A: What works best is a mix of the 2. Your possible clients or customers will be generally interested in facts, if thats the type of audience you are targeting. You will need to have a mix of images to strike interest, and visually appeal to your audience. This is especially important if you are advertising on Pinterest as its all about the visuals for this platform.



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