The Best Smartphone Video Baby Monitors

| May 2, 2015

With the new Royal Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana being born in the UK to the Kate Middleton & Prince William, royal baby fever is gripping the world. If you have your own baby arriving home from hospital with you, what are some of the best video baby monitoring gadgets on the market? We looked at dozens of baby monitors and narrowed it down to 3 of the best.

Smartphone Video Baby Monitor

Smartphone Video Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

This is the Smart Baby Monitor from the company Withings, who are known for developing smart technology products. This is a baby monitor that allows you to attach it securely to the crib of any baby and monitor via HD video your babies activity. You can zoom into 4x with the zoom in feature of the monitor too. All done via your smartphone, you can even talk to your baby via the audio output. Just press the push to talk button, and your baby will hear your soothing voice. The device is only compatible with Apple iOS devices.

You can turn on a reassuring light at night to see how your baby is going on. This can be changed to a particular color or even set as a rainbow animation to keep them entertained will they go to sleep. There are also 7 night time sleeping songs that you can select to play. The Smart Baby Monitor also has a temperature and humidity detector built in so you can monitor from your smartphone the exact environment that your baby is in. You can open the app in your smartphone, and glance at the previous 15 minutes to see what’s been happening. You also get alerts to your smartphone via the noise and movement detection.

Baby Ping

The Baby Ping baby monitor is a baby monitor that features a very unique night vision capable camera. There is special Smart Filter technology adapted into this baby monitor that means it will play the sounds of your baby to your smartphone, when its really your baby, and won’t pick up background noises such as cars or motorbikes that can sometimes be heard. You can also switch off the Smart Filter and hear absolutely everything from your baby. The Baby Ping is only compatible with iOS devices, so you can use it with your Apple smartphone, or your iPad.

The night vision feature of this baby monitor is unique in the way that it works. It doesn’t give of an infra red light during the night, its an invisible light, so your baby won’t be kept away by a bright light. The Baby Ping uses your Wi-Fi network to broadcast its signal, so there is no radio signal involved that sometime are prone to interference. There is also a Baby Ping + feature that gives you the option to view the video stream on your 3G or 4G mobile network. This lets you view the baby monitor even if you have a baby sitter, and your taking a night off. You also get alerts about your baby, and if the baby monitor gets disconnected from the smartphone, you can receive an alert about that too.

iBaby Monitor M6

The iBaby Monitor M6 is a wireless baby monitor that features some of the most sophisticated technology with its ability to output 720p HD video day or night. You can now capture your baby’s best moments with video’s and photos taken automatically. You also have the option vis the smartphone app to invite other people to join in the video and see your baby too. This is a great feature if you’re close with other family members and want to share your babies special new moments with them. You can use it as a messenger service to ask their advice too. It works with both Apple and Android smartphones.

You can move the baby monitor around to get a full 360 degrees of coverage of your baby, just by swiping with your finger on your smartphone. You can record your voice to play a soothing message to your baby via the video camera, and even load on MP3 music such as lullabies if you want to send your baby to sleep. With the smartphone app, you get to choose which plays and when. There is a 2 way audio capability so you can speak to your baby, and hear what they are saying too. With the smartphone baby app you can access he video of your baby over your Wi-Fi network, or even from further away across 3G and 4G.



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