Space Based Games For The PS4 Released in 2015

| May 9, 2015

2015 is a great year for some of the best space games on the playstation 4. There is a range of games now being developed that incorporate the idea of space, and space exploration as part of their theme and gameplay. Game developers are taking different approaches to the idea of space with everything from cartoon styles, and burger vans to worlds that you will die before you can ever explore. Here are the best space games that are to be released on PS4.

No Man's Sky Space Exploration

No Man’s Sky Space Exploration

Space Hulk Deathwing

Space Hulk Deathwing is a first person shooter action game based on the Games Workshop’s Classic Space Hulk board game, and the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Deathwing gives players the chance to play as super soldier terminators who are heavily armed with tank like armoury, and devastating weaponry. Your give the chance to explore a huge space hulk, which is a graveyard of spaceship and space station metal remains. It’s infested with the Space Marines deadly enemy the Genestealers. These are alien esque reptile mutants that fight with supreme speed and viciousness.

The game allows you to not only use different weapons as you fight around the Space Hulk, but also master destructive powers with a degree of psychic ability and powers as a Psyker. As you progress through the game your skills and performance is upgraded and resulting from battles you gain Fervour Points to spend on any of the 4 skill trees that unlock your new powers and improve your abilities. Throughout the game you will learn about the story of the abandoned Space Hulk, and find powerful relics, as well as discover devastating new weapons. Built with the Unreal 4 engine Space Hulk is an FPS game that will feature more bullets than a John Woo film.

Steamworld Heist

Steamworld Heist in the next installment in the steamworld series. Its not meant to be a direct sequel to Steamworld Dig, but it is a similar styled game. It’s a turn based action strategy game that features the player controlling a band of robots exploring a wide variety of space and spaceships. It features a 2D graphical approach to gameplay and the graphics are steampunk style with scenery to match. Its really cartoony style and looks amazing. You have to account for your robot’s capabilities and also for the weapons you choose for them with a variety including sniper rifle and shotgun.

Your quest involves searching around for money so you can upgrade your robot’s capabilities, and also buy them back for your team if you happen to lose them in a badly thought out battle with the enemy. The environment within the game is interactable with certain oil canisters exploding if you’re crouching behind them and a stray bullet hits. You also have to raid various spaceships and collect resources, and there are different routes within maps to explore, if you can sneak past the enemy without getting spotted then thats a bonus. The game even features a unique soundtrack from music band Steampunk Giraffe.


Habitat is space based strategy game that puts you in orbit around a destroyed Earth in the future. Your survival depends on your ability to search through the centuries of space junk floating around to construct a sustainable base of operations. You have to lead your team of engineers out into space on salvaging operations and construction duties, and as you do so you’ll have to make choices about how you manage these resources. You have to make life and death choices as you build weaponry and fences into your habitat stronghold to help defend against mysterious enemies, and as you do you’ll learn more about the story behind Earth’s demise.

Habitat features a zero gravity environment that is full of weapons, tools and mysteries. The physics engine is advanced and players can experience dynamic environments that can be destroyed as well as created. You can use anything you scavenge from space to aid in your construction of your livable habitat. Stellar debris, asteroids, satellites are among the salvageable materials that you can use to build a flying fortress. Although the storyline behind the game is serious there is fun elements mixed in with salvageable materials included such as magnets, mechanical boxing gloves, and submarines. This is a strategy game that will keep you entertained as well as up late.


Adrift is a first person without the shooter survival game. Its set in space on a destroyed space station of which you are an astronaut that has no memory of why there has been an incident aboard the station. Throughout the game you have to look for clues to solve the mystery to what has happened while you attempt to repair the escape vehicle and make your escape back down to earth. The game plays out in a zero gravity environment which can be fully explored. The space station is huge, and as you explore it you have to keep an eye on your oxygen levels, as you can run short of oxygen and die.

When you’re short of oxygen your vision goes blurry, and you can repair your EVA suit to give yourself longer breathing ability. You can also pick up oxygen tanks throughout the station that you breathe into your suit. As you explore the space station you will find artifacts documenting the other crew members, and also be able to log into the stations computers to read and listen to audio files that will help in your quest. Although there is no violence in this game, it’s sure to be a edge of seat thriller that breaks the mould of open world exploration games, and with its unique survival approach will keep you entertained for hours. It has been designed on the Unreal 4 engine, so the graphics and apparatus on the station are as lifelike as possible.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a giant explorable universe exploration game that allows players to take the role of a planetary explorer, who with their spacecraft flies through the universe, exploring different planets. The aim of the game is to reach the centre of the universe, and as you try to do so, you will search out resources, and explore different planets to upgrade your ships capabilities. There are plants with deep oceans to explore and resources to gather on the different planets, as well as predators including everything from dinosaur like reptiles to giant carnivorous sand worms.

Each of the worlds have their own ecosystem, and the conditions of each planet differs from being hospitable to unforgiving. The game features a single player campaign with around 100 hours of gameplay to complete the game. There is also a multiplayer aspect to the game also, where players can explore the universe that totals more than 18 quintillion planets, due to its advanced world generation technology, and can share the details of which planets they have visited with other players. You will have to upgrade your ships capabilities to hyperdrive if you want to explore some of the planets. Players will be able to manage trade routes if they wish, or study certain species within the universe. This game look set to be the largest open world game ever conceived, and the makers have already explored the possibility of writing computer robots that automatically explore each of the game worlds for a screenshot.



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