Smartphone Apps To Get Yourself A Promotion At Work

| May 2, 2015

Work life balance today happens at light speed. What can you do with your smartphone to make your work life more productive and get more done during the working day? There are a number of excellent apps that have been developed to help with your productivity from calendar synchronization to automatically acquiring details on potential clients. Here are some of the best productivity apps you can load on your phone to be the top performer in your workplace, and bag that promotion.

Smartphone Productivity Apps

Smartphone Productivity Apps

All Smartphone Productivity Apps

DejaOffice All Smartphones

DejaOffice is a complete CRM suite. Its a very sophisticated and complete app that works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry devices. It features contact calendar and tasks, and can be configured to work in a variety of ways. You can access the suite on your PC, so for fast and comprehensive management you can carry out these types of tasks in a work environment.

The advanced contact manager is designed for efficiency and business productivity. You can store upto 40,000 contacts and you can synchronize them between your Outlook, Blackberry, and even Palm contacts. For viewing on a smartphone there is a choice of 3 view modes to maximise the amount of information you can see on screen. There is a dynamic search facility that automatically searches for your contacts as you type which is very handy if you have many contacts, or can only remember part of a name. Best of all you can add tasks and calendar events straight from your related contacts.

DejaOffice is packed with more great features too, including task management that support various productivity methodologies such as Getting Things Done (GTD), Franklin Covey (FC) and Take Back Your Life (TBYL). It can synchronize wirelessly with your office or home PC. You can also track your expenses via the DejaExpense extension part, and even add notes and handy reminders of information with the Journal part.

This is a complete CRM suite, and will end up replacing the multitude of applications you might already have that perform these duties separately. Best of all everything from DejaOffice is stored in the cloud, so you always have access to your data, no matter what device you access it on, or upgrade too.

Evernote All Smartphones

Evernote is your one stop shop for bookmarking taking note, and storing your activities in notebook folders. Its an app that has been around since 2008, and has since gained a following of more than 100 million users. Its compatible with Android devices, iOS, Windows Phone and devices, and also Blackberry. You can use Evernote to help you write small lists or larger lengthy research documents. It allows you to mix the online and offline worlds with its ability to clip online articles for use in your documents, to also capturing notes that you’ve taken in meetings via your smartphone camera.

Evernote is a communications platform too that allows yo to discuss, collaborate on projects, and share details about what your doing in real time. You can present your documents into powerful slides with just the touch of a button, and they become screen friendly layouts, that make it easy for anyone to understand.

With the basic free version you get access to the main features of Evernote, but if you subscribe to one of the paid options, you achieve extra features such as saving your emails into Evernote. You can also annotate PDF documents too. With the premium version you have unlimited storage space for uploads compared with the basic free version that has only 60 MB of storage.

iOS & Android Productivity Apps

TeamViewer iOS & Android

Teamviewer is an amazing application that allows you to remotely connect to either your PC or your tablet while you are on the road, and with your smartphone. Its a small program that you install on your PC, and sits quietly waiting for you to connect via the client. Its easy to install and connect from behind a firewall, and is a secure app with 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange.

Teamviewer allow you to gain access to documents that you have on your PC, as well as run programs from your smartphone as if you were right at your desk. There is inbuilt keyboard support from your on screen keyboard on your iOS or Android device. Teamviewer works both ways too, it allows you to connect to either your smartphone or tablet, and access it from your PC. This is perfect if you’re a true mobile worker and work on your tablet devices.

iOS Productivity Apps

OmniFocus iOS

OmniFocus is an app designed exclusively for iOS Apple devices including Mac. Its an advanced task management software that works in a flexible, and allows you to integrate productivity methodologies such as David Allen’s Get Things Done (GTD).

OmniFOcus allows you to work in a variety of ways from their inbuilt Perspectives feature. You can set up projects with multiple hierarchies, and reach them easily and quickly using content tags to group them together in different ways. There is a review option that gives you the ability to get a quick overview of what’s coming up on your calendar, and at a glance see exactly what’s overdue too. There is an inbox that allows you to capture all your much needed events and tasks, and then organise them effectively later.

OmniFocus has also adapted itself to the new iPhone smartwatch. You can see at a glance what is your most important task that you should be working on. There is a homescreen page that shows you how many tasks you have outstanding, how many are due today, and how many are up and coming tomorrow. Its easy and fast to add a new task just tap on the screen of your smartwatch and enter the details. The application on your smartwatch automatically synchronizes with your iOS smartphone too.

Refresh iOS

Meeting new professional and business contacts can be a difficult experience. Many of the times you have meetings set up, you don’t know much about the person you’re meeting, and so soe friendly small talk can be difficult. Refresh is a productivity app that automatically synchronizes your cloud calendes, and pulls up information from various sources such as social media to give you a heads up of background information on the prospective client or partner.

Refresh can synchronize with cloud calendar application such as Google Calendar, iCloud, Yahoo and Exchange. Refresh takes your existing contacts and with its advanced algorithm can predict better who you will be meeting, allowing it to pull up more relevant information from the various social networks.

Refresh can synchronize contact details with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and can automatically pull details from your contact list, or even your Evernote notes. This information is pulled into the Refresh window, where you can make notes about your contact, or what you plan to say or discuss. You Refresh note data is kept private, and only available through the app. It also tracks your history with the contact, logging the date that you first met, as well as email communications between you.



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