Singer Sewing Machine Reviews

| May 20, 2015

Singer are a well known brand of sewing machine with being credited as the inventor of the modern sewing machine design. They have continued to innovate throughout their history, and through to present times, where they are still regarded with as much popularity as the work horses they really are. This is a comparison of some of the best Singer sewing machines for sale today.

Singer Futura XL-400

This is the review of the Futura XL-400, which is a computerized sewing machine that can also do embroidery. It includes a wide range of features, that are perfect if you want to start sewing some really nice designs into your projects and materials. This singer has a swiftsmart threading system, and also an easy to use automatic needle threader. This is what you can expect from most sewing machines. The XL-400 offers so much more too.

The size of the embroidery hoop is 10×6 inch, and allows you to have multi hooping too. There are 30 built in sewing stitches with 2 fully automatic one step buttonholes. There are also 125 built in embroidery designs with 5 fonts, and even outline lettering stitching. Its easy to connect this embroidery machine up to your pc or laptop, and access many new designs from the internet. You receive software with the sewing machine that helps you do this easily, and also an instructional disk.

You will receive many accessories with your Singer machine. These include different feet, such as zipper, all purpose, and even a satin stitch foot. There is everything you need to work on even the most complex sewing project you image right away. Everything about this sewing machine really shows off the design and time that has been taken to craft such a great piece of sewing equipment.You can easily use almost any picture file format with the sewing machine, which means that any design you can find or create can be stitched into your fabrics. There are 6 LED lights that give you a great illuminated surface for accurate stitching that really help your eyes focus. There is a large sewing space, 8.25 inches, and this makes it perfect if you even want to work with quilts.

There is also a drop and sew bobbin system, which makes it easy to do almost any type of stitch quicker than you’ve probably ever done before. There is even a 25 year warranty included with this sewing machine, which really gives you the confidence that this machine will last you for years.

Singer Futura XL 400

Singer Futura XL 400


Singer 20U109

This sewing machine review is about the Singer 20U109. It is a high speed sewing machine that can reach strengths of up to 2500 stitches per minute. This sewing machine comes attached to its own table, and has a commercial grade motor, that is located below under the sewing machine. It has a high speed belt driven motor.An industrial sewing machine which features commercial grade zigzag, and straight stitch that is perfect for serious stitchers, and commercial tailors.

This is the type of sewing machine that can easily handle being used all day, for a commercial operation. There is a knee lifter, and also a presser foot to give you complete hands free ability on the sewing machine. There are 3 needle positions that can each be adjusted to suit the project that you are working on. You can easily reverse your stitching with the reverse lever, and give your stitching a nice finish.

This sewing machine doesn’t have a wide range of features, but it makes it up for it in terms of performance. This machine will easily sew through leather, canvas, and any other material that you try with it. There are 5 presser feet included with the machine, such as zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and a dedicated straight stitch foot. The type of sewing that you can easily do with this singer is straight stitching, zigzag, freehand embroidery, buttonhole, zippers, and even wide hemming.

You will have to apply occasional sewing machine engine oil to the sewing machine motor, since it is so powerful. This is very easy though, and it doesn’t need much even if you are using it regularly. This is really a great sewing machine that is perfect if you need to do some regular sewing work on upholstery and anything close to commercial. You will find this machine will last you for years, and if it does give you any problems, all the parts can be easily replaced by trained technicians that you can call upon, who specialize in sewing machine repairs.

Since there are so many of these in use commercially, there are many people trained in the mechanics of it. You can adjust the stitch length if required, and even the stitch width. The various lengths include a maximum of 0.20 inch for straight stitch, and even a maximum of 0.35 inch for zigzag stitches. To help keep the needle in place while you are straight stitching, you can use the needle bar frame clamp. This ensures that your fabric doesn’t move while you’re stitching.

Singer 20U109

Singer 20U109


Singer CE-250

It can be hard to choose a good quality embroidery machine, with lots of embroidery options and features. The Singer CE-250 is an embroidery machine that is packed full of great features, and is easily connectable to your home computer or laptop.

The first thing you might want to know about is how many designs can you actually get for this sewing machine? There are thousands of great designs that you can download from the website, and you can even convert most pictures to work on the embroidery machine too. The Singer CE-250 has 100 built in stitches and also includes 6 automatic one step buttonholes. There are 120 built in embroidery designs, and also 5 build in font designs too.

Its easy to do free motion sewing with this machine, since it has an excellent drop feed feature. There is an extra high presser foot, that is perfect when your need space with a bulky fabric. The stepper motors are all digitally controlled, for accuracy, and the engine ensures that even when you’re working at a slower speed the actual power that is delivered remains constant.This Singer has an automatic needle threader, and easy to use bobbin system. This gives you a fast setup to get started on your sewing projects. There are 13 needle positions which are perfect for zippers and top stitching. You receive 2 embroidery hoops to hold down your fabric, while you’re sewing your specific pattern into it. To help you really get maintain an accurate embroidery design, there are 3 LED lights, that really illuminate the design area.

You get many accessories with this sewing machine, including different types of feet, and also the cables you need to connect to your computer. You also get an instructional disk, to help you understand exactly how to use the machine.

Singer CE 250

Singer CE 250



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