Should I Switch To Cloud Computing?

| May 3, 2015

As businesses globally are driven by the demand for speed, scale, and flexibility, IT departments are increasingly turning to cloud computing to offer them the solution they need to keep up with the digital changes across all industries. According to the research company Forrester Research, the cloud computing market is estimated to grow to $191 billion by the year 2020. This is a significant climb from 2013’s otal which was $58 billion. Forrester states that it will be cloud computing applications that fuel this growth achieving approximately $133 billion of the revenue by 2020.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Benefits of Employing Cloud Computing

More organizations small and large are switching to the potential of cloud computing. executives and IT departments are realising that the benefits of cloud computing can be a catalyst for the improvement of processes within the business, and a positive drive for change. The costs of deployment, and scalability are also being realized.

Cloud Computing In the Middle East

Cloud computing popularity is growing globally. In the UAE cloud computing and the cloud services market is set to explode. Its been fueled by the growth of smartphones, and broadband technology. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, the Middle East region, and Africa will record the world’s highest cloud computing traffic growth between 2013-2018.

Cloud computing is already being implemented in some of the leading organizations that do business in the UAE. Al Futtaim Group, which is a conglomerate that employs over 30,000 people spanning industries such as automatic and real estate has adopted a cloud based solution approach. The Jumeirah Group, which is an international luxury hotel brand has opted for software designed network technology to transform its data centre into a more efficient system. This has the added benefit of using less power than the traditional data operating systems that they previously used.

Cloud Computing Survey

All over the world cloud computing continues its domination. A survey by global firm KPMG found that nearly 800 technology industry leaders ranked cloud computing as the technology that would have the greatest transformational impact on their business in the years to come. According to the executives in the survey, they all rated the top use of the cloud as a way to drive down cost efficiencies. The survey also revealed that an increasing number of organizations are using cloud computing technology already to enact large scale change within their business.

The survey also reported that 42% of the businesses asked stated that the transformative uses of the cloud would enable a more flexible and mobile workforce, with 37% quoting it would provide a more aligned interaction with customers, suppliers, and business partners. 35% of those surveyed stated that cloud computing would provide better leveraging of data, and provide insightful business quality decision.

Industry Approaches

AT&T has started to use cloud technology to make their business more interactive, agile and cost effective. It has chosen to move its traditional network onto the cloud so it can boost up its services quicker and provide a faster delivery of their products and services to their customers.

Retailers are starting to recognise the benefits of using cloud computing to connect with consumers. Compared to other industries retail executives are more likely to state that their organizations are using cloud computing to improve the alignment and interaction with other customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Healthcare and health insurance providers can use the cloud as a powerful tool for the likes of clinical research, and also enabling medical professionals access to information about patients and treatment options that might not be available using an aged internal system. As the cloud computing sector continues to grow and prove its potential, business leaders are evaluating where the greatest strategic opportunities exist to integrate it throughout their organisation.

Essential Integration

Integrating cloud computing technology can be costly and time consuming, but with the amount of interest and proposed plans that organizations have for the cloud, its vital that you keep up, and engage in the same technology. Studies of high performing businesses all suggest that cloud computing has played an important role in their IT strategy.

As organisations go through large scale change and adaptation to the ever increasing digital frontier, the cloud improves rapid scalability, and enables IT departments to provision and modify complex infrastructure faster than the traditional on premise systems that may have previously been used. Cloud computing improves agility, and enables business small, medium, and large to adapt to tomorrow with growing confidence.



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