Picking An ESP Bass Guitar

| May 20, 2015

There is no denying that a ESP Bass Guitar is one of the best guitars out there. Listening to a pop or rock music, the bass is always part of those wonderful melody. Before going ahead and purchasing your own ESP bass guitar, you should head out to a local music shop and try to practice and play around a little. This way, you get to know how the guitar feels and if it really fits you.

ESP Bass Guitars

ESP Bass Guitars

Ask any friend with a good bass background to tag along, so their would be someone else who could help you out if you still come out undecided. Check if the guitar’s tone and sound quality matches your taste. A brand new guitar will obviously cost a lot compared to a used one. Make sure to set a budget and stick to it.

A Rogue ESP Bass Guitar is an ideal starter guitar for anyone who’s trying to learn to play the bass. Aside from the fact that it’s relatively cheaper, their guitars have maintained a decent standard in terms of quality. And because of it’s light weight a lot of experienced bassists go for Rogue as they can play for a long time than with another brand that weighs like a ton after a while. You may also consider Squier and Epiphone. Just like Rogue, they play just as great as well-known brands for a lower price.

Most tutorials are focused on the four-stringed bass, so as a beginner, you may equip yourself with a four-string guitar first. But it’s really easy to notice that. You can watch the tutorials beforehand and try to get the same numbered strings as the instructor for easy learning. Other popular brands of basses include Yamaha, Fender and Washburn.

It never hurts to look around and trying to find the guitar that perfectly matches your style and taste. After all, you are going to go for something that looks totally like an extension of your self. If you have already found that perfect guitar but are short on a few dollars, then might as well save up. Browse online and shop at other stores to see if they sell the same style and model of guitar and how much they sell it for. Buying at a later time might also provide a good chance of landing on sales and saving a few more dollars.

You might also find someone who sells their used ESP Bass Guitar for a very cheap price. Check the classified ads daily for sellers. And when you find one, as a potential customer, ask every questions about the guitar’s quality, how long it has been used and why it’s been seen on sale. Inspect the guitar personally as well. Check if there are dents and check the sound quality as well.

As a wise buyer, check the quality of your chosen guitar before taking it to the counter and paying for it. Most guitar shops will let you play with the instruments right inside their shop, so take this opportunity and examine if the guitar totally suits you.

There’s a huge disadvantage if you try to shop and purchase online. The product might not come to you as how it looks online. There might even be a few defects on the sound or look of the guitar. And it will be too hard to return such a lousy product then. So before hitting that purchase button, see if you could get in contact with the seller and test it beforehand. Set terms like you can see him if problems occur in the future, and that you can return the instrument if it won’t be resolved.

A used ESP Bass Guitar is not so bad either. Most resellers are devoted musicians so they took really good care of their instruments. You don’t only get a great instrument, you also get to have your very first at a lower price.

If you’re a total beginner at playing and analyzing ESP Bass Guitars, try to ask as many intelligent questions as you can at a music store. Try out their different guitars first. But it would be best if you could have someone help you out in this phase. If you know an experienced bassist, ask them for help.



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