Odyssey Golf Putter Comparison

| July 2, 2015

Odyssey has been one of the most distinctive designers in the world of golf. With their putters being made with designs not seen in any other putter, they have become on of every golfers must have clubs. Here is a roundup of the best Odyssey Putters.

Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball Putter

The number one name in putters, Odyssey Golf, has created many award-winning golf club series, including the White Ice Series. The Odyssey White Ice Putter Series includes a set of eight putters in blade and mallet putters. In 2011, Golf Digest awarded the White Ice Series of putters a golf metal on the Hot List. Odyssey Golf has backed up its reputation as a leader in putters with three gold medals and the highest score from any golf company.

Odyssey-White-Ice-2-Ball-PutterThe Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball Putter is one of the mallet-style putters in the line. Its key features are a 2-ball alignment system, full-shaft offset, and adjustable weighting. The exclusive White Ice insert is firmer and stiffer for a better feel and consistence.

The Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball Putter is a mallet-style putter designed with feedback from Tour players. The unique look of the putter is thanks to its extended mallet head with 2-ball alignment system, a tour-inspired visual aid for better ball alignment. With white balls and dark nickel finish, the putter is striking against the green of the course.

Like the rest of the White Ice Line, the White Ice 2 Ball Putter has Odyssey’s exclusive White Ice Insert, a multilayer core that is statistically better than the competition with a core that is 19 percent firmer and 92 percent stiffer. The distance control and feel that the White Ice Insert creates is complemented by the full-shaft offset and double-bend shaft.

The Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball Putter may be the closest that golfers will come to a customer club without the hefty customer price tag. This putter includes adjustable weighting that allows golfers to easy switch out the weight chips for a lighter or heavier weight. Available in 33”, 34”, or 35” shaft lengths, the putter has a loft of three degrees and a lie of 70 degrees.

With Odyssey’s reputation, there is no surprise that the Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball Putter has been received high reviews. First of all, while the putter has tour-inspired design, amateurs have found it “easy to use”; as one reviewer said, its “alignment aids make it fool proof.” Golfers liked the improved feel and control of the club because of its stronger core.

Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth Putter

Odyssey Golf has been considered the world leader in golf putters by many, and the White Ice line of putters has only increased the company’s reputation. With both blade-style and mallet-style putters, the White Ice line is diverse, but each piece has the exclusive multi layered White Ice Insert for increased stability and distance control.

ODYSSEY-White-Ice-Sabertooth-Putter-Golf-ClubWith a look as fierce as its performance, the Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth Putter melds a unique, functional design with a high moment of inertia. With its tour-inspired design and technology, the White Ice Sabertooth Putter gives golfers an improved feel, enhanced sound, and exceptional consistency.

The Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth Putter features the most unique putter head shape in the industry with what Odyssey calls “high-density Dual Fangs” that redistribute the putter’s weight to its very edge for “wicked accuracy.” The Dual Fangs, which contains 37 percent of the head’s weight, also create a higher moment of inertia.

The Sabertooth includes the same multi layered White Ice Insert found in the rest of the White Ice line. It’s that core that has proven to give golfers a better feel and more consistent distance. Aiming channels help golfers line up their shots more accurately, and its dark nickel finish reduces glare on the green.

The Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth Putter has been tested by Tour player Nick Dougherty, and the putter has proven its tour worthiness. The Sabertooth has been reviewed as “the most impressive feedback, feel and distance control yet seen from an Odyssey insert putter,” which is saying a lot considering Odyssey’s reputation. It was the Sabertooth’s sound feedback and feel that have received the highest praise.

The Sabertooth stands out among the White Ice line as the best choice for golfers who appreciate a putter with a high moment of inertia. Today’s Golf says that there is “no better example of a modern, forgiving mallet putter.” Based on review, the putter seems specially designed for the way amateurs approach the green.

Odyssey White Ice 1 Putter

Odyssey Golf has proven again and again that it is the number one name in putters. Odyssey’s White Ice series features a total of eight putters, including both blade and mallet designs. The White Ice Series took gold medals in the 2011 Golf Digest’s Hot List in the putter category.

Odyssey-White-Ice-1-PutterOdyssey took home a total of three gold medals and the highest overall score, proving that Odyssey has a hold on the putter market. With a total of five stars for innovation, White Ice putters incorporate the latest technological innovations to ensure performance. The Odyssey White Ice 1 Putter is the classic in its line of putters. Its classic blade shape, full-shaft offset, multi-layer insert, and headweight optimization creates better consistency and control.

The Odyssey White Ice 1 Putter is a blade-style putter designed after extensive tour research and testing. The classic blade-shaped head with clean lines is combined with newer, innovative features to deliver enhanced consistent ball distance, control, reliability, and sound. Each White Ice 1 Putter is outfitted with a multilayer core that is firmer and stiffer than other brands to improve the putter’s feel and resiliency.

The putter’s surface has undergone multiple changes: its face is rougher, which provides for greater friction between the head and the ball, and its finish is now a darker steel color that produces little light reflection. Finally, the head has been carefully weighted. Its tour-tested weight is the ideal balance between head weight and shaft length for ultimate control.

These innovative features make this a performance-enhancing putter used widely by golf tour professionals and more casual players. The putter comes in 33 inch, 34 inch, and 35 inch lengths, each with a two-year warranty.

Odyssey White Ice Putter line has quickly become the go-to putters for tour players and all levels of handicappers. The Odyssey White Ice 1 Putter has a particularly desirable balance and overall feel. Many players commented that the weighting and stability of the putter ensures a smooth hit every time with little chance of unsteadiness.

The White Ice 1 Putter seems to have the effect of enabling both high and low handicappers to improve their putting accuracy. One reviewer stated, “I’ve always been a poor putter, but all of the sudden I’m hitting 80% of them in.” The tour-inspired look and feel build confidence and make this a very desirable putter.

Odyssey White Hot 2.0 XG 1 Putter

Odyssey Golf is the premiere designer of award-winning putters. One of the latest sets of Odyssey putters is the White Hot series, an impressive set of seven putters, each with a rounded heel-toe weighted blade. The Odyssey White Hot 2.0 XG 1 Putter features the company’s White Hot XG core material, which takes the title of the softest and most responsive material of any of Odyssey’s putters.

Odyssey-Hot-Pro-2.0-1-PutterIn 2010, the White Hot 1 Putter was redesigned, and the 2.0 version was released. Its soft core is one of its most notable features, but the putter also has an offset shaft and a fine-tuned striking surface. This putter is used widely by professionals on the tour and has received praise for its grip, balance, and weighting.

A recent addition to Odyssey’s highly sought after White Hot Putter series, the Odyssey White Hot 2.0 XG 1 Putter is a rounded blade style-club with heel-toed weighting. At this putter’s core, literally, is Odyssey’s premier White Hot XG multilayer core material, the softest and most responsive material in any of Odyssey’s lines. The double layered core increases the level of feedback, control, and feel that the putter offers.

The putter’s weighting is also key; the weight is shifted to the perimeter of the head to create a high moment of inertia for greater forgiveness than other models. Its striking surface has a thin covering for improved responsiveness. Finally, the putter comes with a soft grip, an Odyssey standard.

Like all of its putters, Odyssey offers a full two-year warranty for replacement or repair.

Reviewers have praised the feel and responsiveness of the Odyssey White Hot 2.0 XG 1 Putter. The putter’s technological innovations have helped players improve their scores by making more short- and long-distance shots. With its “excellent performance and feel,” the putter has been popular with professionals and amateurs alike.

The White Hot holds its own among putters by many other brands, such as Nike, Cameron’s, TaylorMade, and Cleveland. Reviewers have noted that the putter easily keeps the ball in line and excels at accurate distance. With superior balance and control, along with a “sexy” appearance, the second generation Odyssey White Hot XG 1 Putter lives up to Odyssey’s reputation as the number one name in putters.

Odyssey White Hot Tour Heavy Putter

“The Fang,” a tour-quality mallet putter, is made by the industry leader in golf putters, Odyssey Golf. Formally called the Odyssey White Hot Tour Heavy Putter, but nicknamed “the fang” for its distinctive look, this putter features Odyssey’s distinguishing White Hot core material, which is designed with multiple layers for a soft feel and superior consistency.

Odyssey-Men's-Works-2-Ball-Fang-PutterThe putter’s most noticeable feature is its winged design; the weighted wings serve to assist with alignment. However, what players do not see is nearly as important: innovations like the double bend shaft, full offset, and carefully designed striking surface. Ultimately, reviews have praised the White Hot Tour #7 for its confidence-inspiring design and tour quality.

Odyssey White Hot Putter series currently includes a total of four putters, each designed with Odyssey’s White Hot Tour core, an elastomer material with two layers. The use of two materials improves the feel and control of the putter. The odd shape of the putter’s head is designed with a purpose; its weighted alignment wings shifts the weight to the perimeter of the head, which allows for superior forgiveness.

Finally, the putter features another classic Odyssey innovation, a very finely covered striking surface for easy identification of the sweetspot and impeccable responsiveness., and its steel-colored finish reduces glare. Altogether, this putter is engineered to provide increased performance through stability and control. Both right-handed and left-handed versions are available in 33 inch, 34 inch, and 35 inch lengths; each putter includes Odyssey’s manufacturer warranty.

Reviews of the Odyssey White Hot Tour Heavy Putter praise its three “C’s”: consistency, control, and confidence. Designed to place tour quality in the hands of casual golfers, this putter truly delivers; most reviews found that it increased their performance on the course.

While many players are initially drawn to this putter because of its unusual shape, most quickly adapted to its weighting and found that the putter had a natural feel; for one reviewer, “The White felt as though it was part of my body. It was as if the putter was an extension to my arm.” Its heavier weight has also been a noted feature, and reviews found that they were able to use a more natural swing and let the putter do the work. For new and improving players, Odyssey has provided a better feeling and more accurately performing putter in the White Hot.



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