Mortal Kombat X Has Arrived

| April 20, 2015

Mortal Kombat X reunites the bloodbath of fatalities, and gore almost 23 years after the original was first released. Everything is back in the new Mortal Kombat. The combo’s and especially the much loved fatality moves are all flowing with full gore. There are new ideas such as 3 build variations of characters, and also a special attack meter.

Attack Meter

With the special attack meter, it fills up during the fight, and allows you to spend a third of that power on a special attack. This can be a larger fireball or a few extra blows to an intense flurry of kicks. Or you have the option to wait until the meter is completely full, and then unleash a special x ray attack, that will take off a full third of your enemies energy. Devastating stuff.




The fatalities are now made up of about 12 seconds of toe curling brutality, where you break, slice, and deconstruct your opponent’s body into 1000 pieces. The animation on the fatalities is movie like, and very polished. The ides of the fatalities are all varied too, and a joy to complete in the arena. You still have all the usual moves too, such as basic punching kicking, blocking, and sweeps. Here are all the Mortal Kombat Fatalities.

Alternative Characters

The 3 build that each of the characters has is a welcome addition to the blood bath too. The characters special moves are grouped into separate archetypes, which means that if you want the traditional special moves of one of the characters you are going to have to sacrifice some of the new special moves. Raiden still has his teleport move, but this is only on one of the builds. There are some really varied special moves on offer, including ones such as sub zero’s cryomancer, which lets him spawn new weapons. Reptile has a deceptive build that allows him to turn invisible. Sonya Blade has a special forces build that allows her to generate a drone to assist in her killing.

New Fighters

To begin with 23 fighters are available to choose from, including many of the classic characters such as Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Scorpion, there are a variety of newcomers such as Kung Jin, who is a human warrior with a large staff, that doubles as a bow. There is Erron Black, who is a gun wielding outlaw, and also a giant beast by the name of Ferra who is ridden by a young girl. There is a swordsman by the name of Kenshi, who has a distinct build structure. One of the most interesting new characters is D’vorah who is an alien reptile women that can pull of serious combos and has bug like tentacles. There are some hybrid characters who are related to some of the established on screen personas such as Cassie Cage, and Jacqui Briggs.

Mortal Kombat Character List

Mortal Kombat Character List

More Blood

The new inception of Mortal Kombat is faster than many of its similar similar peers. There is more blood than ever before too. There are some nice additions to the arena’s too. Now each character can interact with the corner if they become stuck in it, and escape back out into the centre ground. The special moves are easier than ever before to pull of which adds to the enjoyment of the game overall. There is a quest mode with a hugely entertaining storyline and dialogue. There is also new challenges in solo combat mode. There is missile loaded battlefields, and also random speed changes to the game. These keep the game feeling fresh, and keep you on your toes with the unpredictability.


There is multiplayer options built into the game too. There are servers around the world that host the games for you to connect to, and you can play cross platform against opponents of other game consoles. You can play as a one on one fight, or join team games where you have to fight as part of a team, and your one on one battle goes towards your team’s score. There is also king of the hill options, where the winner of the fight gets to stay on for the next challenger. You can also join factions and play together as you get in game currency bonuses that after the end of the week get added together for the winning faction.

Overall this is a highly inventive and cinematic addition to the Mortal Kombat genre, with a whole new list of moves to learn and fighter effects to unlock there is enough blood and gore to knock your teeth out.



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