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| May 20, 2015

Looking to buy a MTD Kingston bass guitar? These are excellent basses and the company has several models. Here are why these basses are so great and a little about the different lineups that they have on offer. It’s really an exceptional bass guitar and is known worldwide for its quality.

MTD Kingston Saratoga Bass Guitar

MTD Kingston Saratoga Bass Guitar

The Builder

These basses are constructed by Michael Tobias. He gained early experiences working in a guitar shop in 1974. He learned how to fix instruments and learned about acoustics. He applies this knowledge to the basses that he builds. The MTD basses she builds have gathered praise form players all over the world and he manufactures them to his exact specifications. These basses are constructed in the Far East at a lower cost than the America versions but they hold the same design elements. He applies his talent to the bass community to build basses of exception quality.

CRB Basses

This is a masterpiece form Michael Tobias and it’s a modern take on the vintage basses that help form the sounds of the past. This bass is reliable and has an excellent performance value for a bass player. This bass is a unique five-string bass whereas most basses are four strings. There are nice carvings in the basswood body and the bass is comfortable to play. The bass has p-style pickups which are excellent. The bass has a good output and a fantastic sound thanks to the pickups. the knobs on the bass are scratch free so you won’t hear them during performance when they are moved. This is an excellent bass for any player.

The MTD Kingston Saratoga

The MTD Kingston Saratoga is a classic take on a J bass but at a budget price. There’s innovations form Michael Tobias such as the asymmetrical neck and Quick-Release Bridge. There’s both a four-string and a five-string model of this bass available. The bass has a nice classic look to it and the higher frets are easy to access with the cutaway. The bass features the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.

MTD Kingston Artist

This is a bass designed for those that want an aggressive sound and there are dual humbucking pickups in this bass. This bass can recreate the classic sounds form the 70s and 80s with ease as well as modern sounds too. This bass incorporates many of the design elements from the American instruments by Michael Tobias.

Kingston Heir

This is for the player that wants an aggressive yet versatile bass guitar. This bass features a J bass pole pickup as well as a humbucking pickup. This bass has the bite and grind that bass players want.

MTD KZ Lineup

These basses provide the player with clarity, response and a great feel with their bass. These basses have the look of more expensive boutique style bass guitars. These bass guitars have superior design and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Great Basses

These are just some of the MTD Kingston basses by Michael Tobias which are incredible instruments to play and own. These are excellent basses with good value for your money. These bases won’t break your bank account and they have many of the elements of the American version. These are great basses for both beginners and those that have been playing for some time. MTD basses make for an excellent investment and you’ll get a lot of use out of these basses. They aren’t as good as the American versions but they still offer exceptional value and play ability  If you are looking for a new bass then the MTD Kingston brand is the one to buy. Michael Tobias makes some excellent instruments no matter what your playing level.



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