LG Rolls out its G4 Smartphone – iPhone 6 & Galaxy S6 Killer

| April 28, 2015

June 2015 sees the introduction of LG’s most advanced smartphone on the planet the G4.  It’s built as a successor to the very successful LG G3 smartphone and is meant as LG’s answer to the Apple iPhone 6, and Samsung Galaxy S6. Its certainly pushing the boundaries in terms of smartphone performance, but how will it be received when it goes on sale? We have to wait, but here is a rundown of all the G4’s features.

LG G4 Smartphone

LG G4 Smartphone

G4 Operating System

The G4 runs on Google Android’s Lollipop 5.0. It comes set up as the stock version, so there is scope for customization when you use the smartphone. It comes preloaded with Google Docs featuring Slides, and Sheets. Owners of the G4 will get 100GB of free storage on Google Drive for 2 years. LG has even announced a partnership with car maker Volkswagen, where they plan to use the same interface of the phone in the car’s front display.

There is a new application called Gallery Memories, which is LG’s custom approach at better managing the photos you take on the smartphone, based on the time and the location that the photo is taken on.

G4 CPU & Memory

The new G4 will use the Snapdragon 808 quad core chip as its main CPU. It was rumoured that it would be the more powerful Snapdragon 810, but fears of the device overheating caused LG to opt with the 808 which is a much cooler processor.

It features 3GB of operating RAM, and comes with 32GB of internal storage.

G4 Battery life

The LG G4 is built with a 3,000mAh removable battery, which allows you to hold a longer charged mobile than current smartphone models on the market. There is a special feature built into the G4 that uses special graphic memory that means when you are displaying a single frame on the phone, the main processing unit of the phone goes to sleep, conserving valuable battery power.

This is something that no other smartphone on the market currently uses, and is set to give the G4 the longest battery life, even when using all of its features. To avoid having your phone shut down on you mid photo there are built in alerts to notify you when an app is drawing lots of power from the battery.

G4 Display

The G4 features a 5.5″ display that is capable of 2560×1440 resolution, and with the new IPS quantum mechanics of the display, able to produce even more vivid colors than the iPhone or Samsung models on the market. The smartphone screen display is also compliant with Hollywood’s Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). This means that the colors on your screen show the same quality as they do on the big screen. Even colors on websites, photos and games are more vivid, and colorful. The display is 50% brighter than other smartphones.

G4 Camera

The G4 features a 16 megapixel rear camera. LG has stated that it can capture better photos than either the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6. The camera has a built in 1.8 aperture lens that allows you to take brighter image snapshots, when you have a low lighting environment. The lower the aperture number is the larger the diameter of the lens area. The iPhone 6 by contrast features a 2.2 aperture.

There is a color spectrum sensor that automatically recognizes light and objects. This allows the camera to adjust its flash color temperature and light balance that it uses during shots, and this is a feature that LG claims no other phone has. There is improved optical image stabilization (OIS) capabilities built into the camera lens which compensate for any hand shaking that you have.

As well as automatic camera mode the G4 features a manual mode that allows user to control the exposure, white balance, and shutter speed. LG has added a button to the back of the phone called Quick Shot that allows you to take a picture quickly just with a double tap on the back. The front of the phone also features an 8 megapixel camera meant to make it even make it even easier to take selfies. There is a microSD slot so you can take as many photos as your SD card can handle. You can also save your shots in RAW format, if your a professional photographer, this will come as a welcome bonus.

G4 Rear Panel

LG have take an unusual approach with their backplate by making it with a high quality leather backing. They have tipped this to be the best looking smartphone on the planet, and it does look good with the leather panel. LG state that it spent 3 years researching how to produce the leather for the smartphone so that its resistant to scratches, and water stains. To make 1 of the panels of leather takes 3 months. If you don’t want a leather backing, there is the basic plastic rear panel option too.



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