How To Download Music From Soundcloud

| June 23, 2015

Downloading tracks from Soundcloud is easy, there are a number of solutions that you can use to get your favourite music from the cloud streaming music sharing service. There is a widget button on many tracks that allow you to download the music, but this is only if the artist wants you to download it.

You can use the basic soundcloud button that is shown on the bottom of the track you’re playing. This is the quickest way to download your selected track. But what do you do if the download button isn’t showing? Many music artists choose not to allow their track to be downloaded, but there is always a way to get around this. You don’t have to pay for any of these solutions, they are all free.

Don’t worry you can still download the track from one of the many services that are available online. This guide explains how.

Websites To Download From Soundcloud

One of the best services to use is This service offers a complete mp3 conversion, and it’s all done on the websites server, so there is no download required. You are able to connect to anything2mp3 with any device such as your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, and then download the track. It will obviously work with your desktop PC and Mac too.

anything2mp3 logo

anything2mp3 logo

You just have to enter the link to the track in the download box, and it will automatically download the music as an MP3 File. With some downloaders, you have to right click on the Soundcloud page, inspect element, and then find the location of the stream. There is nothing as complicated as that with this website, it’s quite simply download and go. The downloaded file is automatically named as the same filename as the track title from soundcloud.

soundcloud download button

soundcloud download button

The quality of the track is 128 kbps. Once you have the track download, you can place it into your music folder, or even burn it to a CD if you want to play on that format. If you’re downloading on your smartphone, you don’t have to have jailbreak on your phone either. Anything2mp3 will also allow you to download from:

  • youtube
  • mixcloud
  • reverbnation
  • bandcamp

A website that is dedicated to just downloading tracks from soundcloud is They do advertise that they can download most of the tracks from soundcloud, but sometimes the odd track is unavailable. The site features a simple box to drop your link to the track you want, and it will automatically convert it to MP3 for you and then give you the download link, so even if the track doesn’t have a dedicated link, you can still get round that with Soundflush.

You can download the file to your local device, smartphone or computer, whichever you choose, and you have a 128 kbs music file that you can listen to anywhere. There are no limits for your downloading either, you can do it with as many of your favourite tracks as you can find. Although this isn’t as high quality as 320kbps, it’s still good enough to listen to for the average user. We had no problems testing this website with Chrome Firefox, and also Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari. It worked perfect with all 4 browsers.

Another website application you can use to download tracks with is Again, this is a simple to use, just paste your link in the box and you get the download link. It converts the track to mp3 quickly, but the biggest complaint we had with this was that it doesn’t name the file like the previous 2 sites. The filename is just random letters and numbers. This isn’t a big deal if you’re on a desktop computer or laptop as you can quickly rename it, but if you’re on your smartphone or tablet or ipad, this will take you a while.

soundcloud sounddrain logo

sounddrain logo

There are a number of websites to download through, and you can also use offliberty if you want to download it offline. All you have to do is enter the link address in offliberty search bar, and then right click on the play button, and select “save the video in”. This allows you to choose the folder that you want to save it in.

If you specifically need a solution for the Mac and Safari browser, you should checkout Soundcloud downloader. It’s a simple program that allows you to select any track from soundcloud and either select a song from the plugin extension button, or enter the url of the song. Once it’s downloaded you can also add the soundcloud song to your iTunes library. Perfect if you need to sync it with your iPhone or iPod. You can start 5 songs simultaneously with this program, and you must have OS X 10.6 or later installed for it to work. Your computer must have a 64 bit processor, so the specifications to get it running are quite intensive, but if you’re an apple fan then this is a sure fire way of getting your cloud music fix.

Apps To Download From Soundcloud

Soundcloud downloader free is a free chrome extension app that adds new functionality to each Soundcloud page. Its gives you a download button that means you can straight just copy that track to your computer, or if you prefer, you can download a whole list of songs you have in a play list.

Soundcloud download playlist chrome extension

download playlist chrome extension

Don’t worry, if you’re a Firefox user, there is also Soundcloud downloader by Technowise. It works similarly with adding the default download button to Soundcloud tracks. It’s perfect, it’s just like the official Soundcloud button.

Soundcloud Download Firefox Extension

Soundcloud Download Firefox Extension

Soundcloud App Download For Android And IOS

There isn’t a way to download tracks with an app. The reason for this is that Soundcloud have changed the terms and conditions of their API, which means app developers can’t include downloads now. There were a couple of apps that done this, but they have been discontinued. Now you have to use one of the above website options instead. As well as being unavailable on Android platform, Apple have also removed apps from their App Store that has the ability to download from Soundcloud and Youtube.

If you decide to jailbreak your iPhone, you can use Music Enhancer, which has a recent Cydia tweak that means you can get around the Apple block.

How To Download Music On Official Soundcloud App?

Many people are asking this question on Yahoo answers. There is no way to do this through the official app. You can only access the widget through the site when you’re viewing on a desktop computer version, and only if the artist has selected the option to do so Your best idea is to bookmark the tracks you like as your favourite or in a new playlist, and then once you get the chance, download them via one of the tools mentioned.



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