How Does Content Marketing Fit Into Your Business?

| May 10, 2015

One more aspect that you have to include in your online SEO marketing today is content marketing. Every successful marketing team use content marketing as a way to increase traffic, conversions and revenue. You have to link your content marketing to your existing SEO strategy. Firstly before you develop your content marketing strategy, there are 4 key elements you have to examine.

  • You have to find out what people want and deliver it to them
  • Use remarketing lists to communicate accurately after people leave your site
  • Develop ways to offer your product or service if users act now
  • Evolve your content marketing plan to pull more targeted clients
Content Marketing Engagement

Content Marketing Engagement

What is Content marketing?

First thing you have to establish is content marketing is not paid content disguised as editorial content. Correctly implemented, content marketing should be viewed as a way to develop relationships with your customer. A content strategy that is well implemented will establish trust and authority in your sector. You should position your business in the middle of the research and buying cycle so that you can see exactly what your customer are viewing, and what makes them buy.

Engagement resulting from organic search results makes it possible to convert visitors to your site into fans and customer, and all that traffic through Google is free. The way to make the jump to engaging content is to tell stories that people will find interesting and want to share themselves. Your content should be designed to develop awareness, and create advocacy for your brand, then finally close the sale. It should add value to your customers expectations and experience.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing helps differentiate you from the crowd, and allows your business to have a wider reach and impact. You can begin to dominate your niche and become a market leader by using content marketing. With the more visitors that you retrieve from your new marketing efforts, you are able to examine the traffic with SEO analysis tools such as Google Analytics. This will help you tap into the holy grail of search behaviour, their search needs, questions and most importantly their intent.

How to make the most of your content marketing

There are a number of approaches you can take to get the most out of your content marketing. Its not just a case of throwing up some content that you give to your interim, and ask them to whip up in a Microsoft Word document. You have to take a scientific and professional approach to your content marketing.

Here are 6 ways you can help make your content marketing campaign stand out.

Plan your content

You have to be smart about your content creation, and planning is the key. You have to have a strategy about what your going to publish, and how often will you be publishing it. If you are going to be publishing it in house, or if your going to outsource the creation is a great detail that you need to plan for.


Differentiating between advertising and content marketing

When you’re advertising your looking for people to see your product and service and book orders from it. Content marketing is not explicitly related to orders, although ultimately it steers your viewers towards it. Its purpose is to connect with your audience and build trust. This in turn will make you more of an authority in your market, and create the memory of your proposition when they are ready to order.


Hiring The right Digital Marketing agency

Its easy for a consultancy or agency to give you the latest buzzwords about their services. You need them to really take the time to understand and value your business however. They need to be aware of how content marketing and social media work together, and how best to fit this into your strategy of direction with your business. They will need access to your historical search data as this is guy, so if you havn’t already got an analytics package setup, do this before you begin your content marketing planning.


Long Term Vision

Online digital content has a long term shelf life. Once it’s been uploaded to your website it’s up there for anyone to read and share at any point in the future. You should approach content marketing as if it’s going to be a continuous part of your marketing strategy as it is. Its not just a campaign that you roll out for a few weeks, and then pull back from. Even if the results don’t seem to come right away, you should stick with it, and adjust your planning slightly but stay on the main course.


Differentiate your content

When you do content marketing you have to think more about marketing than you do about content. You have to find a way for the content to stand out, and this is where marketing must take the lead. If you hire someone to throw a piece of content together quickly this won’t fit into your coherent strategy. In some cases from looking at your analytics reports and getting to understand your business a consultant can help spot opportunities that you might have missed which you can target via your content. Viewing how business in your own sector and other sectors have approached their content marketing is crucial for idea generation.


Content is the goal

Your content should tap into your customer’s needs and interests, and also the pulse of the season, This means that you should tap into the vast opportunities that open up when you look to combine your business ideas with different times of the year such as summer and Christmas, and the other times of the year that take place to mark historical events. Content marketing should be about the schedule of your customers, not your own.



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