Hiking Health Benefits

| May 20, 2015

Science and research has proven that there are a huge number of benefits to exercise. Yet still many people remain overweight, or suffer from ill health due to their lack of physical fitness. Almost all ailments can be reduced, if a regular exercise plan is undertaken.Exercise prevents or manages a wide array of health concerns. It is generally well known to improve blood circulation, increase good cholesterol and reduce insulin resistance, matters like diabetes and threats of cardiac arrests are less worrying.

Hiking Health Benefits

Hiking Health Benefits

A good exercise does not need to be one that’s so stressing. It should be something that you can enjoy. Taking a good walk daily either on your own or if you prefer company, with your friends is  considered a healthy activity.

The list below are just some of the health concerns hiking can manage:

Heart Disease

The cost for treatment of heart disease is expensive. You  can have a healthier heart even by just taking a hike,it increases good cholesterol while lowering the bad, thus not only creating a smooth flow of blood but also lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Exercising does more good than harm and, according to studies done by The Centers for Disease Control people who exercise, are less likely to develop heart disease  than those who don’t.


Most people who do not expect to have hypertension (high blood pressure) are those that actually this condition. So even if you think you don’t have it, try to do a regular physical activity. Start with something small and gradually increase  as you go along.


Exercise has the potential to reduce the severity and complications of diabetes. It can help your body in improving its ability to store glucose and insulin sensitivity, which in turn helps keep your blood glucose level normal.


Obesity is one of the major risk factors for a lot of health diseases. These includes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. Physical activity, such as hiking, can increase your energy levels and improve obesity as it helps reduce body fat and burn calories. Losing weight is much more likely with hiking rather than in dieting, but is more beneficial if you combine both.


If you thought exercising was stressful you couldn’t be more wrong, it is actually the complete opposite. Exercise in most forms are great stress relievers. It improves overall health and gives stress bursting benefits. With each stretch and movement that you make, you will feel the benefit from, start with a short walk each day and gradually build up, you will feel so much better and have more energy. Exercise will also help lighten your mood as you exercise, the brain releases endorphins which are “the feel good factor” to making you feel less stressed and healthier as each day goes by.

Osteoporosis and Arthritis

A person with osteoporosis and arthritis can greatly benefit from exercise including reduced bone loss, pain and risk of bone fractures from falls as well as improved physical health, reaction time and muscle strength. In conclusion, according to The University of Washington, women with osteoporosis who walk for one hour, three times per week can increase bone density in the spine as well as other body parts.



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