Forever Rest Luxury Massage Chair

| May 21, 2015

Backache is a common complaint for many people. There are many different massage and chiropractic options on offer, however, with the improvement in technology and the greater understanding of backache, it can easily be treated with a Luxury Massage Chair. You will find that luxury massage chairs vary in terms of features that they have, however if you are looking for a chair that has everything, then the Forever Rest Luxury Massage Chair could possibly be the one for you.

Forever Rest Luxury Chair

Forever Rest Luxury Chair

This chair is particularly packed with features, and is great for the tighter budget, as it does cost less than $2000, compared to other massage chairs with these features, this really is an amazing bargain of a massage chair.


This chair feels amazing with its heat facility that reaches your organs and also your deep muscle tissue safely and effectively. This is from the infrared heat that comes from the helium neon bulbs, located strategically inside the chairs. This provides your body with detoxification, and healing relief all over. Ailments including muscle spasms, aches, pains and even arthritis, are all made easier and reduced with this chair. It will also help you if you have poor circulation or fibromyalgia, which is a tenderness in your joints.

Styles of massage

One of the best features of this massage chair is that the upper body section is split into 3 parts of focus. This includes the entire body, the neck and shoulder, and also the back and waist area. Each of the 3 areas also has a variable speed option. So if you’re looking for something quite deep and strong you can set the program to that, or change it to a smoother more relaxing program. This is all controlled from the really easy to use and yet advanced control panel, that is just a finger press away.

This massage chair has a number of really great massage functions that you can use. There is Shiatsu mode, which feels great, and produces a feeling in your muscles that you are being massaged with finger and palm massaging techniques just like traditional Shiatsu. The other programmable function of this chair include kneading, flapping, knocking, and a more relaxing vibrating function.



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