Fly Fishing And Baitcasting Reel Reviews

| May 23, 2015

A modern fisherman will pair his fishing rod with the best type of fishing reel possible. The reel makes the difference between catching and retaining a fish, with fittings that aid the casting to give you distance and accuracy. What are some of the best fly fishing and baitcasting reels on the market today?

The Ross Evolution LT Fly Fishing Reel

Ross is a well known fishing reel company that have created some very well respected products for fishing enthusiasts. The Ross Evolution Fly Fishing Reel can be a great reel upgrade for any serious fisher. Ross have designed the reel with many holes to help reduce the weight evenly, and help with ventilation. The reel is fitted with an aluminum drag knob, an aluminum spool cap, and an aluminum escapement cover. This is state of the art aluminum, built for freshwater, saltwater, and warmwater fishing.

This fly fishing reel can be used by seasonal fishermen, and also professionals. There are a range of coverage weights from 1 to 9 also for sale, as well as 4 different color designs.

The drag material is made from a Delrin called “Delrin 500AF” and Teflon. it is heat resistant, durable, and also self lubricating. When looking at the drag mechanisms, the aluminum casing helps to make the friction a flawless transition between the line in and the dragging engagement process.

For the spool rotation it has a bronze bushing rotating feature built into it. This sits on a stainless steel spindle which provides a quick release locking spool. This reel can be used by both right handed, and left handed fishers.

There is a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The reel also does have a feature for a 4 back up stopping power, to help slow down those hard to catch larger fish from snapping the line when reeling them in. When you need to change spools quickly, another great feature with the evolution is the quick release to change it out within seconds.

The reel will work with either light weight rods, or medium fishing rods without lowering its performance, and making sure your catches remain consistent. The reel is compatible with almost every rod.

As with most of Ross fishing reels, this one also comes with a lifetime warranty. Whatever reel you choose you can be sure that your fishing count will be on its way up.If you’re looking for an entry level fishing reel then the Ross Flystart reel is a good reel beginners. It comes in 4 different weight ranges from 2wt to 9wt. It is made with a high aluminum alloy although not as cutting edge as the Evolution, it still light enough for beginners. Again it has also been built for the freshwater and saltwater fisherman specifically.

The Ross Evolution LT Fly Fishing Reel

The Ross Evolution LT Fly Fishing Reel


Core 50MG7 by Shimano Baitcasting Reel

It is made with high quality engineering, which make this Shimano fishing reel the best in its class. It features an outstanding magnesium frame which is lightweight and has a side plate, Magnumlite spool design, high efficiency gearing (HEG), variable brake system (VBS), oversized PV paddles, shielded A-RB bearings, durable handle grips and much more. Holding the Shimano reel is the best part because the focus in the grip is also how lightweight it is. It fits perfectly in your hand and is also very comfortable to hold and use.The Core 50MG7 by Shimano is a low profile baitcasting reel made for fishers who want to buy a lightweight and reliable reel. It can be used for any type of fishing and weighs only 6.1 ounces. The Shimano reel is one of the best for fishermen, both for beginners and experts.

  • Lightweight Magnesium Frame.
  • High Efficiency Gearing.
  • Variable Brake System.

This Shimano reel is compatible most with mono fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines. PowerPro carries a 10-pound line that’s very smooth and quiet and is 150 yards in length. It’s a perfect pairing for this fishing reel. For rods that are most consistently used with the Shimano baitcasting reel, the Shimano Cumara reaction rod that delivers the line flawlessly at least 60 feet with balance function. Another great feature is the Shimano Core 50MG7 can be used to fish in saltwater and freshwater and be used for fishing all day. That makes it great to take your long fishing trips.

It can be used with many different lures, worms, jigs, spinnerbaits and crankbaits. For a fishing reel that is versatile, efficient and easy to use, the Shimano reel sets an excellent standard for fishing. It casts farther than most other bait casting reels. The accuracy of casting and general use will be unparalleled in shopping for fishing reels. Other brands and styles simply do not compare.

Its multipurpose design and use allows you to angle a great distance with superb control, even with the lighter lures and weights. When you cast a line with this Shimano reel, the ball bearings allow for a functional and seamless start to finish-from casting to retrieving. The shank within the reel gives you significant winding power.

The experience you get from the Shimano Core 50G7 reel will speak for itself. You will be pleasantly surprised by the high speed of this fishing reel. The drag is designed to ensure the Core 50G7 has a great edge, because it can catch and withstand heavy fish but also smaller fish just as easily. The centrifugal and magnetic adjustments are great and there is no backlash from the reel either.

Shimano fishing reels are high quality products for fishing enthusiasts. The great quality is displayed and highlighted with the Core 50G7 and is worth every penny. With so many options for pairing, lures and bait, it will attract many fish to you when you use it. It is a very valuable piece of fishing equipment to own.

Adding it to your tackle will allow you to improve your fish catching on your next fishing trip. It is a powerful fishing reel with and underestimated weight and design. The components of this Shimano reel give you quality operation, less weight to handle, precision with casting your line, low maintenance and attention to your fishing needs.

Core 50MG7 by Shimano

Core 50MG7 by Shimano

Abu Garcia Baitcasting Reel

The frame of the reel is built with X-Mag alloy, and carbon sideplates. These help keep the weight of the baitcasting reel as low as possible. The main gear is made from aircraft grade aluminum, that’s how advanced this reel is. There is a variable brake system on the reel that allows for the adjustment of 28 external positions. This allows you to really fine tune your lines movement on the water easily and quickly.This is a lightweight high speed baitcasting fishing reel that has a compact and innovative design. It is made by the well known reel manufacturer Abu Garcia, and comes with some of the best and most advanced features found in a baitcasting reel.

This is perfect if you find that there isn’t many fish in your location, and you are casting a wide variety of baits. If you need to keep your reel protected during transport and storage then you should have a look at this low profile protection cover too.

  • REVOlution Reel Line.
  • Compact Design.
  • 28 External Adjusting Positions.

This Abu Garcia reel is built with stainless steel ball bearings that provide the reel with an increase in corrosion protection. With all the salt water that is getting splashed on to you, this makes it ideal if you want it to last you a number of years. The reel has a huge gear ratio, and reaches 28 inches per turn. It has a 115 yard spool capacity, and can easily handle a 12 pound drag.

The reel has an ergonomic design that means you don’t have to move your hand or fingers much to control and use it. If you need to upgrade or replace the ball bearings in the reel, thats easy to do. Giving you a great longevity not normally found in cheaper fishing reels. This feature alone should pay you back over the course of your lifetime.

The reel features a 1 year manufacturer warranty, which is standard on all Abu Garcia reels. It is a fishing reel that will help you catch some of the biggest fish you have ever caught, and easier than ever before.

Abu Garcia Baitcasting Reel

Abu Garcia Baitcasting Reel




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