Elliptical Bikes Guide

| May 19, 2015

The lifestyle humans have been following is based on his most basic need to do everything in the easiest way without making much effort. This has changed almost everything around us. Technology is overtaking the efforts of humans in order to make our life convenient and comfortable. Even the exercises also which were once restricted to long runs on jogging tracks and exercising using weights has been replaced by machines. One such recent addition to this list is a health care exercising product that has revolutionized health and fitness market all over the globe.

Elliptical Bike

Elliptical Bike

What are Elliptical Bikes?

Elliptical Bikes is considered to be one of the most ground-breaking inventions in terms of health and fitness. Within short span of time from its launch, this machine has overtaken the earlier most used treadmills in the gyms. Generally, this elliptical exerciser consists of walking on a given platform with options to increase or decrease speeds, inclination and/or resistance required in the workout. The integrated system with a screen in front helps you to keep track of the distance traveled  time and the current speed, inclination and resistance levels. The best advantage of the workout with this elliptical exerciser is that you can use it anywhere. You can set the exerciser up in your living room, T.V. room, bed room or anywhere else.

It is basically meant for Aerobic exercises targeted at burning off the calories from your body. Some of the advanced Elliptical exercise bikes come with preset modes to help you burn calorie and loose fat from particular part of body like belly, chest, thighs or hips. A general elliptical exerciser would use all your body parts during your movement and hence will have an overall impact on the body.

How does an Elliptical Bike Work?

If you have already worked out on a treadmill, then you should not find it difficult to use the Elliptical Bikes. The preset menus and settings screens and modes are almost same except for the way you walk on it. On an elliptical trainer your whole body is being worked out and also it requires fewer efforts in order to burn more calories.

The machine consists of two separate platforms for each foot. The driving mechanism of the machine is initiated with the efforts you put in through your legs exerting pressure on the platforms alternatively to imitate a walking or running person. Also in some of the models there are movable handles that are attached with the paddling platforms which you have to hold. While you keep exercising you have to hold these handles by which your upper body gets an extensive workout. The platforms under your feet move in circular or rather elliptical motion which gives the machine its name.

Are Elliptical Bike beneficial?

The Elliptical Bikes are definitely a better replacement for the treadmills as they not used to help in upper body workout. The platforms are large and are always under the feet and the motion is controlled by the power we put in. So, there is no chance of slipping or accidentally losing on the rhythm of the motion of the pedals. Within short span of time they have made a huge buzz in the fitness market. The reason for this is the reduced stress on the joints while helping you to work out for both upper and lower parts of the body with the same machine. Also it can help you burn more calories with lesser efforts. The elliptical motion associated with the trainer provides the person with exhausting exercise for the whole body. If a person wants to increase the endurance then he/she can work accordingly on the preset modes present in the trainer.

The unique elliptical movement of the pedals help in shedding off the extra fat from body initially after which the muscles are developed. The result through these Elliptical Bikes is really tremendous and can be seen very quickly in an individual.

Seeing the increased concern for people to maintain a body which is healthy and in good shape, Elliptical Bikes are definitely one of the most effective and efficient way to maintain the health and fitness. There are so many options available in these exercisers that the price value can range from few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It totally depend on how many functions and advancements you need in the machine.



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