Creating Visual Marketing That Engages

| May 18, 2015

Delivering content to promote your business and website is more essential than ever. Viral images and videos are at the heart of some of the most successful marketing campaigns of big names brands, and now you can join in the fun too. This marketing guide will reveal strategies to help you conquer 3 of the worlds biggest visual marketing platforms, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Its All About The Visuals

Its All About The Visuals


Give your fans the fame. Voted as one of the best Instagram accounts in 2015, and a finalist in the Shorty Awards, Benefit Cosmetics knows how to do just that. in 2013 they engaged with their client base through Instagram and creating a great example of brand loyalty and promotion. They ran a #Realsies campaign which saw the legions of fans wearing their mascara brand “They’re Real!” and publishing selfies of themselves, that then went on to be featured on both Benefit’s website, and their Instagram account. This helped them boost the visibility of their product, gain a stronger brand loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.

Hold regular contests and giveaways. A great way to build excitement around your brand and business is to hold regular contests or giveaways that require your fans to directly engage with your brand’s Instagram account. By liking, leaving comments, re-posting or being involved in photo challenges, you can choose which fans will win the giveaways. Turbotax was an unexpected brand in this area, and their strategy was to promote their free tax filing service by asking their fans to take a creative picture with 3 zero’s, and they could win $500. This lead to simple awareness of their tax service through an untapped channel for this industry.

The power of the hashtag. Twitter and of course Tumblr are popular with hashtags, but so is Instagram. Make sure your hashtag is short and memorable, and easily ties back into your product in some creative way. One of the most well known slogans that have become a regular promoted hashtag is Red Bull’s #givesyouwings. This hashtag ties in with their marketing campaigns and stand out perfectly from other hashtags, as a way to also caption viral and funny images.



High quality content. You high quality content should be visually and aesthetically pleasing. According to research, Pinterest has more than 70 million users. Although Pinterest’s majority of users are female, everybody like to explore their homepage full of great content, and this is something that all users have in common. Every photo from fashion to food, and even home improvement, if your a content producer on Pinterest you have to make sure your photos are well taken and engaging. Nordstrom are well known for their job at creating quality content, with their content appearing in specifically themed boards, and advertised in the best way possible. Target also takes a similar approach, with their Awesome Shop consisting of captivating photos and the most pinned products directing customers to exactly where they need to go to purchase them. Making the whole experience seamless.

A creative brand image. Pinterest gives you the ability to create different boards within one account, and this means you can showcase the different sides of your brand. Ben & Jerry’s uses this strategy to good effect. As well as separate boards for displays of their ice cream, and the behind the scenes look at their factories, they also have a board dedicated to the history of the brand where they showcase pictures of the people who work behind the brand. This includes the delivery staff and flavour testers. They even have boards highlighting their social stance on various global issues such as marriage equality, and sustainable fair trade food. This is a creative multi layered approach to using Pinterest and allows the to reach out to consumers with a creative twist on their established brand.

Create Inspiration. In Pinterest its all about giving your audience the inspiration to create dazzling homes, keep up with the latest fashion, or cook better. Helping motivate people through Pinterest will allow you to convert casual browsers into dedicated fans. Take for example GE’s Pinterest account, they engage with their customers inspirations by using campaigns such as #GetFit, and GEInpsiredME, which all focus on science, health and photography. They also use other hashtags to promote philanthropy awareness and community development. Every little action guided towards inspiring their potential customers.



Participate and engage. When one of the largest channels on youtube PewDiePie gaming channel decided to switch off comments on his videos, there was a huge outcry from his engaged youtube audience. He had complained that there was too much spam, and instead asked people to switch to forums and social media to engage with him. It look less than 1 month for him to change his mind after the feedback had been overwhelmingly negative about his first action. The youtube comments section is vital to your success, and allows the community to engage and help keep it active. You can also participate in the conversation and respond directly to their feedback and concerns.

Know your audience. Design and focus your content specifically for your audience. Leave your brand message in the background and instead concentrate on creating content that’s entertaining, useful, and also unique. The users that engage with this content will automatically gravitate back towards your brand as you will have made a memorable impression in their minds, and this will result in more sale of your product or service. Lowe’s home improvement channel is a great example of this principle. THe tutorials and DIY tips are all geared towards people who are looking to improve their home. Various local home improvement stores have all shared the videos out to their audience via Google+ and increased Lowe’s audience directly with the people who matter.

Publish, publish, publish. According to research carried out by Pixability, the top 100 brands on Youtube all publish around 78 videos each month. They don’t expect to publish a few videos and hope for a viral possibility, they instead keep a continuous stream on content and let the users decide which one’s they like and want to promote amongst their social media followers. The most successful brands focus their content creation on one channel such as Marvel and GoPro, who are constantly keeping their channels updated with new content targeting new keywords, and promoting areas of their business that uses have already engaged with, as well as new areas that are unknown. This keeps their audience updated, and coming back for more, as well as their brand in the forefront of the audience mind.



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