Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine

| May 23, 2015

Are you building up your body for a fitter physique or are you interested in watercraft rowing as a sport? Either way, the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine is the best rowing machine that you should buy for yourself to use at home. This machine is perfect for beginners or for fitness fanatics because it is very simple to use yet very effective as a great training or exercise, and is perfect to use at home if you need to lose weight fast.

Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Rowing Machine has a simple but very simple design which is good for indoor training and exercise. You can buy the machine in black or light gray colors. It has a very sturdy parts, components and a high quality performance due to the simplicity of the design, and quality of the engineering. It has a sliding seat with a height of 14 inches for a complete body workout. The seat is adjustable to ensure you feel comfortable while breaking a sweat!

  • Folds up Easily for Storage.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • 5 Year Frame Warranty.

One of the great advantages of this rowing machine is the way it can be kept and stored. It has a quick release frame lock that can be easily detached into two separate parts, and kept in a small space in your house or room. The built in caster wheels also makes in mobile, so that you can move it anywhere and anytime you want easily. The one thing you will want to pickup with this rowing machine is an extra bottle of chain oil.

It does come with a small bottle, which will last you 6 months.The design also includes adjustable foot rests, that will easily hold any foot sizes and also an ergonomic handle that allows your body’s natural position to be maintained while you move forward and back. The flywheel design of this machine is good for indoors or close spaces since it reduces noise from the machine. If your using it everyday you’ll find it is smooth rower for tone and bodybuilding.

This rowing machine promotes a natural position of the body which can help you avoid any injuries and unnecessary body aches. It also includes a Performance Monitor or what they call the PM3 to monitor your overall performance level while on the machine. You can connect the monitor to your computer via USB too. This means that all the data from your workouts, that is stored in the log-card of the machine, can be analysed, and even emailed to your friends or personal trainer.

With the monitor you can select the type of pace and workout you want. There are games and performance trials, and even animated rowers to make sure your keeping pace, and actually using the correct technique. The rowing machine emphasizes muscle workouts, and weight loss, which will eventually improve muscle growth and size. This high quality performance rowing machine can also enhance your cardiovascular system while increasing your fitness level and muscle tones.

Many people purchase this rowing machine for their gyms, but mostly for their own homes. The reliability of this rowing machine makes it one of the most popular for sale today. The Concept2 is very simple and easy to use and assemble, all you need is a manual and you’re good to go.



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