Colorful Komachi Kitchen Knives

| May 20, 2015

If you want unique knife set for your kitchen, then what could be better than a colorful set of knives that are easy to recognise with their vibrant colors, and super sharp and designed to be the highest quality knives as possible.

Pure Komachi blades

Pure Komachi blades

The Pure Komachi blades are made with high carbon steel blades. If you are really strict on hygiene or you run a kitchen where you keep the knives to be separated with the types of foods that they cut, then this will be the best knife set for you with the color coded features, perfect to help avoid cross contamination.

  • 6 Razor Sharp Color Coded Knives
  • Protective Knife Sheaths
  • Carbon Steel

There are 6 razor sharp knives included in the set. Each of the knives has their own sheath, and keeps the blades protected when you’re not using them. The colors of the sheaths are the same as the knives too. The blades included with this knife set are a 9″ slicing knife, an 8″ Chef Knife. There is a 6″ sandwich knife, and a 5.5″ nakiri knife for fast and accurate vegetable chopping. There is a smaller paring knife that measures 3.5″ and a small 4″ tomato knife. Every knife that you need for your kitchen.

The knife set does not come with a storage block, however, you can easily purchase a separate 6 slot knife block to store them all in safely. They are great knives if you always find yourself looking for your existing knives, and never being able to locate them. These knives stand out easily in any kitchen. They are also to spot when you’re washing up, so you won’t cut your fingers accidentally.

They are lightweight knives, and yet are very sharp, and have a contoured finish that makes them more comfortable than most other knives to use. They are very light to use, as they are manufactured with carbon steel, and you’ll never have to sharpen them. They stay amazingly sharp throughout their lifetime.

The Komachi knife set makes a great wedding or house moving gift, as everyone needs knives, but this set has such a novelty factor, that anyone who receives them will be so pleased.



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