Choosing a Suitable Dashcam – G1W Review

| April 23, 2015

The open road can be an adventure or it can thrust you into chaos. Being prepared should always be the main priority of any driver. When we set out in the mornings we are taking chances with the unexpected and making a dashcam a part of your arsenal is a good way to arm yourself against the unknown. Traffic lights, road rage, local police, and insurance agents all expect answers from the driver, but how can you really prove what happened on the roadway? With a dashcam you can. We have meticulously reviewed the Black Box dashcam and did all of the hard work for you. Let’s take a look at how it can improve your driving experience.


g1w dashboard camera closeup

What is a dashcam and how can it help me?

A dashcam is designed to be displayed with the camera facing towards the roadway. It captures a video of everything you see on the road and acts like a second pair of eyes constantly recording everything that happens. All of the information is saved conveniently to a mini SD card where you can review the information from the convenience of your computer or just file it for record. After using the dashcam here are a couple of key benefits you can expect.

  • Insurance companies love dashcam’s because it is video proof of what actually happened if say an accident did occur. As a matter of fact some insurance companies offer rewards programs or decent sized discounts for drivers who utilize this powerful driving aid.
  • If you are a business with plenty of staff on hand that drives company vehicles then a dashcam is a perfect solution in order to know what your employees are doing and what their driving habits are like. Often time’s employees will abuse their driving privileges when they think no one is watching them.
  • Human imperfection runs amok and that pertains to local law enforcement as well. Some counties of California have made all police officers wear cameras on their vest. This new method has decreased police abuse by a staggering 60%, and we have also seen a reduction of complaints by 82%. A dashcam is your ally in the event of a traffic stop and places an unbiased third eye in the mix that holds as evidence in court.
  • There comes a time in every parent’s life where they have to let go and allow their child to drive behind the wheel. In the United Kingdom new drivers make up only 10% of all drivers on the road, however their responsible for over 20% of all fender benders. With statistics like this as a parent you need to arm yourself with a second set of eyes in their car at all times and a dashcam from Black Box proves affective.

Tech, specs, and information

Now that you know how a dashcam from Black Box can help you while you set out on an adventure across the open road, let’s take a close look at how it’s able to do this. There are plenty of features associated with Black Boxes dashcam, but a couple of them stand out and make this dashcam unique and usable to the average driver.

  • One of the first things we noticed about this dashcam was its high quality HD 1080p display that sports a 4X zoom capability. This allowed us to see everything clearly on screen and all of the stored video footage is of high caliber. The zoom capability enables you to see everything that might be too far away to record with a normal dashcam.
  • Peripheral vision is extremely critical when you are driving. That same vision capability should be provided within your dashcam and we were pleased to experience Black Boxes integrated 120 degree angle vision capabilities. This allows you to not only record what is straight ahead but what is around you which can come in handy when presenting evidence.
  • It’s important to be able to enjoy all of these features without using too much power. Black Boxes G1W dashcam comes equipped with a state of the art Novatek processor designed to give you speed, high quality video compression, and a long battery life.

After testing this dashcam out on the open road we fell in love with the fact that it’s only four ounces which makes it easy to port around if you have multiple vehicles, and after seeing all of its features what finally put the stamp of approval on this dashcam for us was its LED night vision capability. Being able to record what is going on at night is simply amazing and works out well for those of us that work and live in our vehicles like truck drivers, construction workers, and sales representatives. Adding all of this together gives us the confidence to say that the Black Box G1W dashcam is an excellent investment for the money. If you can’t be everywhere or see everything like most of us then this second pair of eyes is a win for any application.



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