Car Racing Games For Xbox One

| May 12, 2015

Its difficult to race your car on the street, and expensive to perform upgrades. The next best thing is doing it on your Xbox console, and these are the best car racing games you can play. They are all varied approaches to the tried and tested car racing theme, but developers take different approaches to exactly what that looks like as finished racing game. Checkout these car racing game reviews, and see which one is best suited to your racing style.

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals

Project Cars

Project CARS is an amazingly detailed racing simulator that has been designed for harcore bucket seat fans. Project CARS uses revolutionary full simulations physics that requires you to race smart on every inch of the track that you’re racing on, as well as learn the handling, inside out, of your prefered car. This is a racing game that will give hardcore console racers a breath of fresh air.

There features that you can feel built into the cars such as traction control and ABS, plus lots of options for you to weak and adjust your controller settings. Compared to driving with a steering wheel controller a basic controller doesn’t cut it with this game. You can play and still enjoy the game with a basic controller, but it’s a whole new level with a steering wheel. I suggest you get one if you’re a racing game fan.

The amount of customization you can add to the controller setup is overwhelming. What on earth does Controller Filtering Sensitivity, Amber Angles or Soft Steer Dampening actually mean? There are about 13 of these super customization features you can choose, but knowing what they are is another story.

The game features a lengthy career mode that sees you starting off by driving 125cc karts. Mastering these karts is only one part of the story. You have to get good at control mastery if you want to learn how to flick your car around a legendary racetrack likes Brands Hatch. While playing you can easily rose a race to the aggressive in game AI that will veer across the track just to block you, or send you skidding into a gravel trap. You have to realise that this game has been built from the ground up as a true simulator, so if you happen to skid off the track, you’re likely never to reach that podium as there is no rubber banding in the game.

There are more than 70 various cars to choose to drive, and all differ in their handling and feel. Not only that, they are all modeled perfectly, and look exactly like the real thing. The graphics to this game are gorgeous, and even when it rains down on the track, you’ll be impressed about how easily you slide over a wet section of track. Where Project CARS will really stand out is the multiplayer option, which gives you a better variety of players to race against, and a much faster way to access the different cars and tracks. There are 23 real tracks to race on with alternative layouts, and 10 fictional tracks.

Forza Horizon 2

The courses on Horizon 2 are built to accommodate speed. There is a lack of sharp turns, that mean you have to put your foot on the brake. Its built in a open world setting that lets you take shortcuts, and drive through grassy verges, or take to backstreets to try to win the race. This gives a great sense of depth to the game instead of sticking to a predefined track, lap after lap.

What sets this game apart from other racing games is your ability to smash through fences, or knock down billboards, and even race down the pavement crashing through cafe chairs and tables, sending them high into the air. There are more than 200 cars to choose from, including fast sports cars, coupes, and 4×4 Land Rovers.

There are around 700 events that you can play in the game, and gain lucrative skill points. You can trade these points for upgrades and discounts on new cars. The game features a bucket list challenge. It pits you to pick up different cars, and complete goals on certain unusual tracks such as completing the stunt challenge around a golf course.

The game is not concrete in it’s approach to how you want to race, it allows you to play the game through and switch cars whenever you want. If you want to transition easily mid game into a multiplayer, it’s easy to do that with just a couple of button clicks and you’re there.

Forza Horizon 2 comes with its own Drivatar system. This is where the opponents you face as AI are made significantly smarter as more people play the game, and the data from these players is seeded in the cloud, meaning that as you and others become better players, so does the games AI racers.

If you want a racing game that doesn’t stick to the rule book, and instead just rips it up then purchase Forza Horizon 2, you won’t be disappointed.

Need for Speed: Rivals

In Need for Speed Rivals you can choose play as either a racer, where you get access to super cars and upgradable technology to always stay one step ahead of your rivals as well as the cops. Or you can play as the cops and track down the racers using technology such as shockwaves, jammers or even setting up roadblocks. It’s a cops and robbers style speed chase with engine revs at it’s heart.

You can power up your car with the latest tech and personalize it anyway you want. Add a fresh paintjob, or customise your license plates or even your rims. Show off your car to the world with your own custom decals. There are millions of potential customizations you can choose from.

Depending on what team you choose you have different challenges and tasks to complete during races. The progression system is also specific to what team you choose to be on.

When you connect to the Need for Speed Rivals online, you enter a world of stats and leaderboards as you share information about your progress with your friends and engage in real time chats, and join groups to play through championships. You can even still access Rivals from the web, tablet or your smartphone and play Overwatch, which is a mini game that allows you to connect to the console games and try to earn points.

The game is easy to play and pick up, and feels just like a classic arcade player with the ability to fly around the roads at over 200 MPH with easy control, and if you want to drift around the corner, thats done with just a simple touch of the button. All the stunts for the vehicles are easy to pull off, and it becomes even easier to do more as you unlock the new cars with race wins, and get access to upgrades.

The game has an open world design giving you the ability to follow the directions of the route you should be taking, or you can just break through the barriers, and give the cops a wild goose chase. The online portion of the gam is unrivaled, with the ability to join servers and spawn near where the other players are, or just start of racing at your own location. If there are cops playing and they come across you, then you better speed up.



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