Canon Binoculars With Image Stabilization

| May 20, 2015

One of the best and most respected binocular manufacturers are canon. They are world renowned for their optical technology, and expertise. These binoculars are ultra compact, so if you need to save space in your luggage, or ensure that if you’re doing any hill walking, then these lightweight bestsellers will be excellent for you.

Canon Binoculars With Image Stabilization

Canon Binoculars With Image Stabilization

They have 10x magnification, is not the highest level to be found in binoculars, however what really sets these Canon ones apart is the image stabilization features. When you are viewing a faraway object, there is usually a loss of focus on the finer details of the object.

  • Ultra Compact Design.
  • Lightweight & Water Resistant.
  • Image Stabilizer

This happens due to the instability of the binoculars. If you were to mount them on a stand, you would have a much finer and accurate view. This is what the stabilization feature gives you. Even if your hand is a little unsteady, you’ll find that you’re viewing is not affected.

The design of the binoculars features a water resistant rubber coating, and long eye relief, which stops your eyes from hurting if you’re spending an extended period of time using the binoculars. The grip of the binoculars is very good too, and its easy to hold them even when its raining. The controls that to adjust the focus and the stabilizer is mounted in the center of the binoculars, perfectly accessible by both hands. When you activate the IS, the view snaps into sharp focus.

There is a 60 degree field of view with these Canons, and the type of viewing potential you can use it for includes animals or birds more than 300 yards away. If you look at them, you’ll easily see them, but as soon as you activate the image stabilization, you can see the small details. You can quite easily use the binoculars for viewing the moon, and star clusters. Ok, they won’t replace a telescope, but they are small, and portable.

They perform well in a low light.These work with standard rechargeable AA batteries to use the full IS function, but they can be used without it, and if you want you can always buy a spare battery, and have it ready charged. Even with the batteries in them the binoculars still feel light weight. There is a 1 year warranty included with the binoculars, and they are the perfect companion for hillwalkers, hunters, or bird watchers. Find out more about them on amazon.



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