Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer

| May 19, 2015

The Body Rider BRD2000 elliptical trainer with seat is the perfect set of exercise equipment to have in your home and you can use it every day! This elliptical bike is great if you have joint problems because the elliptical foot rests are low impact and do not put strain on your joints, legs, hips or back.

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer

The Body Rider elliptical bike is a 2-in-1-exercise system for elliptical bike and exercise bike settings. Both settings give you an excellent cardio workout, which will help you burn fat and lose weight. You don’t have to do much either, just start by moving your legs and experiment with different speeds and settings. You can also use the elliptical arms to help tone your arms.

No matter what your fitness goals consist of, using the Body Rider elliptical bike can be the highlight of your cardio part of your exercise regime. This elliptical bike will show you results even if you use it for only 20 minutes each time you ride it.

  • Console to Measure Your performance
  • Fan Blades Cool You With Airflow
  • Adjustable Tension Options

It has a chain-driven fan wheel that also acts to cool you off with a light breeze during your workout. Another great aspect of the elliptical bike is the electronic console that tracks everything for you as you use it. You’ll be able to monitor calories burned, time, speed and distance all with the push of a button. It will give you great motivation to complete your fitness goals.

The seat is adjustable horizontally and vertically to custom fit your cardio training according to your height and weight. You will be able to maintain a healthy posture and you won’t have to compensate for equipment that isn’t made for your size. You will be able to build strength in your arms, legs and core by using the elliptical bike with replicated movements you see in cycling, skiing, walking and stepping. Being able to work your upper and lower body together is beneficial and simple to do with the Body Rider. The Body rider elliptical is very solid and durable, so it’s great for every day use.

It is made for comfort, but if you plan on using it regularly, it would be a good idea for you to buy a gel bicycle seat cover, too. The Sunlite Cloud-9 is made for exercise bikes and is compatible with the Body Rider elliptical bike as well. It is made with tough Lycra top, thick foam padding and high tech gel cushion for comfort. It also comes with a drawstring that locks to secure it to the elliptical bike. It fits perfectly and will make your experience and daily use with the Body Rider even more positive. You want to be relaxed and content while using the elliptical bike, so adding some gel padding will do just that.

Every day is the right time to start thinking about getting healthy and in shape. Everyone makes excuses when they aren’t meeting their exercise goals, but don’t you want to put a stop to that? This elliptical bike means that you don’t have to break the bank or your back.

This piece of equipment will make working out enjoyable and worthwhile. The quality and design is wonderful and very easy to use even if you are first starting out with fitness aspirations. You can ride the bike as fast or as slow as you want while you are in the comfort of your own home. Get your heart pumping while working out several parts of your body with dynamic levels of physical training.



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