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| July 6, 2015

Adams IDEA a30S Titanium Ladies Driver

Designed with the latest technology, an oversized head, and tailored specifications for a woman’s game, the Adams IDEA a30S Titanium Ladies Driver delivers power, distance, and speed with a sharp look. From a leader in the golf industry, Adams Golf, this over-sized driver is easy to hit and won’t disappoint on the course or the driving range.

Adams-XTD-Ti-DriverBased in Texas, Adams Golf has been in the golf industry since 1987. Throughout the company’s 25-year history, Adams has focused specifically on designing and manufacturing effective golf clubs. Adams Golf has produced a number of award-winning lines, include their Speedline, Tight Lies, and Idea sets. The Idea clubs are the latest products of the masterminds at Adams, and their new-to-the-field features and specifications have gained them major awards and praise from tour pros. Their women’s division studies lady golfers’ games in order to tailor clubs; while their women’s lines have the same materials and technology as their men’s lines, the women’s lines are specially tailored.

One of the first pieces in the Idea series, the Adams IDEA a30S Titanium Ladies Driver combines strength and power with a light weight for easier handling. The large, 460cc driver is the biggest size allowable on the tour. Such a large club head offers greater forgiveness and more power behind the ball with each shot. Its design ensures a high moment of inertia for higher, longer shots. The driver has a 14 degree loft, 56 degree lie, and length of 44 inches.

Like most quality drivers for women, the Adams IDEA a30S Titanium Ladies Driver is made with a lightweight Aldila graphite shaft. Graphite is more expensive than steel and is often preferred by female players because of its flexibility and lighter overall weight. With an allover silver finish, the driver looks as sharp as it performs.

Adams IDEA a30S Titanium Ladies Driver is considered a game improvement driver, designed to help lady golfers improve their score by achieving farther and more accurate drives. Lady golfers have praised the Ideas Drivers for their large sweetspots, flexible handling thanks to the graphite shaft, and forgiveness. Targeted at the beginner to intermediate player, this driver is sure to bring about game improvement.

Adams Golf Speedline 4G Ultralite Driver

Tour players around the world are familiar with Adams Golf and its reputation over the last nearly 30 years. The company’s Tight Lies Series of clubs first earned it a worldwide reputation for quality, technologically innovative clubs. In the past decade, the company has led the industry in hybrid club technology. Adams Golf’s Speedline series features an aerodynamic design and other features with the sole purpose of increasing speed.

Adams-Golf-Speedline-Super-S-Black-WoodA latest in the Speedline series, the Adams Golf Speedline 4G Ultralite Driver is designed for players who benefit from a lighter weight club. The Speedline 4G is made of ultra-light materials and weighs only 282 grams total. The club’s Mitsubishi Bassara shaft is made with graphite material that is lightweight at 44 grams and a Winn Ultra Lite Grip.

Its lightweight design is combined with its aerodynamic design. Its club head is sculpted and shaped to provide maximum swing sweep with reduced drag. Together, the light weight and aerodynamics are designed to give players 10 to 12 more yards in each drive. Plus, while the driver is designed for both men and women golfers, its light weight and graphite shaft made it a smart choice for lady golfers. It’s nearly all-black color is striking on the golf course and inspires confidence in players.

Golf Magazine tested and reviewed the Adams Golf Speedline 4G Ultralite Driver in its “Max Game-Improvement Drivers” categories for its March 2011 magazine. Testers picked up as much as 10 additional yards and appreciated the driver’s spin control for greater forgiveness on mis-hits. Despite its light weight, the club has a solid and stable feeling. While its lightweight is not for everyone, testers overall rated the club as “A solid, dependable performer. It’s a favorite for appearance, due to the sleek black head and clubface.”

Adams Lady Speedline F11 Draw Driver 460cc

Started in 1988 as a company that designed custom fitted golf clubs, Adams Golf has successfully moved into the consumer golf market. With product offerings for both men and women, Adams Golf has a full range of clubs for the golf course and driving range. LPGA players Brittany Lincicome and Yani Tseng have endorsed Adams Golf’s line of clubs for women.

Adams-Lady-Speedline-F11-Draw-DriverOne of the most popular lines of golf clubs by Adams Golf has been their Speedline set of drivers. With the release of the Speedline, Adams revolutionized aerodynamic design. Speedline aerodynamics reduced drag by 35 percent over previous drivers on the market, giving golfers an advantage of greater speed and more distance. The latest update to the Speedline drivers has debuted in the Adams Lady Speedline F11 Draw Driver.

The Adams Lady Speedline F11 Draw Driver builds on the company’s already successful women’s version of the Speedline driver. The F11 has an even more precisely shaped clubhead for greater aerodynamic advantage. In addition, the Lady Speedline F11 introduces the company’s patent-pending Velocity Slot Technology. Velocity Slot Technology is a set of small slots on the crown and sole of the clubhead that are visible to the eye. With these slots, the clubhead better directs airflow during the swing, so that the golfer gets an even smoother, faster swing.

Another new feature of the F11 is its larger footprint; it comes with a 460cc head, the largest allowable. Its larger head promises greater forgiveness for players without sacrificing a faster swing. As the company puts it, this club is where “the distance of aerodynamics meets easy-to-hit. It truly is the best of both worlds.” The Lady Speedline F11 comes in a striking teal color with a strong, yet flexible, Grafalloy Ladies Graphite shaft.

The Speedline F11 drivers have been tested and reviewed by Golf Magazine. Testers rated the driver strong for its increased in distance, comfortable feel during play and better forgiveness than other models, while some found the look of the Velocity Slot Technology a bit odd. But, for women who believe that performance is what matters, the Adams Lady Speedline F11 Draw Driver 460cc is an excellent all-around driver.

Adams Golf Speedline F11 Driver

Adams Golf has been creating golf clubs with hybrid technology for more the last 25 years. The company’s Speedline drivers introduced fans to a new aerodynamic shape that significantly improved performance and reduced drag. The driver that was awarded the “Golf Digest Hot List Golf Medal” three years ago has now released an improved version of its award-winning design.

Adams-Golf-Speedline-F11-DriverThe Adams Golf Speedline F11 Driver has an improved aerodynamic design with even greater forgiveness. Even the look of the driver’s clubhead shows its aerodynamic design. Engineers have refined and shaped the clubhead to allow golfers to get a faster swing and further distance.

In addition, the Adams Golf Speedline F11 Driver is made with the company’s patented Velocity Slot Technology, or VST. Visible to the naked eye, VST is integrated into the crown and sole. With VST, the clubhead keeps the airflow attached during the swing, which further reduces drag. VST has been shown to reduce drag by 35 percent. Together, aerodynamic design and VST create a large footprint driver that is quick, easy-to-hit and forgiving.

Standard features include a range of lofts and a large, 460cc head. The club excels at compensating for top and bottom mis-hits.

The Adams Golf Speedline F11 Driver has been widely reviewed. Golf Magazine’s March 2011 review of the driver was very positive. On average, testers gained five to seven yards of distance, appreciated its accuracy and had a responsive, stable feel. The testers felt that the club was “dependable in all areas but doesn’t stand out in any one category.”

Player reviews have been more positive: Amazon’s rating is 5 stars, and Adams fans, while somewhat biased, have rated it 4.9 stars. This Adams Driver is an all-around driver that performs well in many areas and has been used by all levels of players.



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