Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Modes Review

| April 23, 2015

Battlefield Hardline, is a remix of the original Battlefield game, with a twist of police and criminal based storylines. This takes the tried and tested game formula to a new level with balaclavas, and riot shields. There is a storyline for the single player, which is heavily weighted towards a linear experience, but we all know why you bought the game, you want the multiplayer gameplay.

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline

Multiplayer Changes

The multiplayer game reinvigorates the traditional Battlefield gameplay, with enough difference that it still feels fresh. The mechanics,user interface, and controls are roughly all the same. The graphics have had a great upgrade though. The game classes that you can choose are still there, all four types, and you have to complete objectives, capture bases and locations to win points. It feels similar to Battlefield 4 when you are running either deathmatch or conquest modes.

The tanks and jets that littered the previous titles have now gone. In their place are motorcycles, police cruisers, and sedans. You can also get into armoured SUV’s that are resistant to small arms fire. The trucks are equipped with forms of armament, including machine guns on their roofs, and side facing turrets. The sedan and coupe style vehicle can be upgraded to hold one weapons in the trunks too. There are helicopters on maps too, but they aren’t the gunships like previous incarnations of the game. With all the vehicles you have, team members can take control at the gun turrets, and fire upon the enemy. This really improves the aspect of team play, and makes for some good team battles.

Battlefield Hardline MP5K

Battlefield Hardline MP5K

New Multiplayer Modes

The previous rush mode of the old Battle is gone, and in its place is a new heist mode. This is great fun, with a simple pair of objectives set, the criminal faction must locate a vault on the map, and blow up the vault. Once its opened, the packages inside must be taken by the criminals to a random selected pickup zone on the map. An AI helicopter then sweeps in to pick them up, and thats how the criminals win the game. The police team have to kill enough of the criminals to prevent them escaping with the packages. The criminals are only limited to 100 tickets for their respawn.

Blood money is another team based action mode that has been introduced. The point of this is to capture money from a large pile in the centre of the map. Getting to the stash alive is just one part of the difficulty. Once you get to the money you have to stash an amount into your backpack, and then carry it back to your base, and store it in the vault. This then gives your team a victory. One of the most fun aspects of this mode is the ability to raid the other teams safe, and steal their cash from under their noses. This is where you have to make sure your defense is setup correctly.

There is also a hotwire mode now included. This is where both the teams fight over conquest points. To capture these points you must drive vehicles at high speed around the map. Its a fast and furious frenzy, with the feeling that you’re in one giant car chase. You’re able to fire on the opposing team from your car seat, or you have the choice to sit on the windowsill. This makes you more vulnerable to enemy fire, but give you the ability to aim all around.

Battlefield Hardline vehicles

Battlefield Hardline vehicles

Character Classes

The four classes are similar to what they were in the previous Battlefield, with a few changes. The assault class, has been replaced by the operator class. They are still in charge of revival and healing duties for the team. The engineer class has now been replaced by the mechanic class. Their ability remains repair, but they also now are good at blowing things up with their grenade launcher. The support class has been replaced by the enforcer class. Instead of the light machine guns (LMG) that they were used to, they now show an affiliation for shotguns or battle rifles. This helps with the flow of gameplay as there isn’t choke points of support classes holding back waves of attackers. The recon class has been replaced by the professional class. They still use the same arsenal of sniper rifles, camera’s and decoys.

Map Chaos

The maps include some wide and varied landscapes. There are also battles taking place in multilevel structures where the map layout features options for flanking, and really cool interrelated teamwork strategies. You have the ability to blow holes in walls, which makes for some really nice teamwork battles in crowded buildings. The level of destruction that can be performed on the map is minimal compared to Battlefield 4 though. There are no collapsing structures like cranes, its been scaled down. Plus RPG’s no longer blow holes in the walls, and the buildings don’t get leveled.

The game overall is a welcome variation to the previous Battlefield games, and there are plenty of easter eggs and new special effects included to keep you entertained, and really shift things up a gear for the multiplayer modes. The game performs well on high graphic settings, and the servers for gameplay are all fast, and packed with other players. You’ll spend many a sleepless night zip wiring down to your console or pc wires.



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