Automated Car Parking Software Solutions

| April 25, 2015

Automated car parking software solutions is only provided by a handful of business’s. The reason is that it takes precision and ingenuity to create the complex systems that make up private and public car park solutions that we take for granted when we go out shopping or use our car to travel to busy areas of city centres.

car parking zones

car parking zones

Anahata Technologies

Anahata Technologies is a Melbourne based software development company that is now specializing in custom made application software for the parking industry. Founded in Australia 2010 by Pablo Rodriguez Pina, Anahata is a privately owned software development business. They have a presence in Melbourne and Perth, and they specialize in design, analysis, implementation and support of software that is custom built for various businesses.

Anahata Technologies approaches their delivery of software solutions with a customer focused development process that involves their business analysts and developers working together to gather the requirements of the client. Their goal is to understand the needs of the business they are working with, and offer the type of solution that meets the needs of the business and improves their bottom line productivity. The software technology that Anahata Technologies uses to provide solutions is cross platform, and open source software like Java. This gives them compatibility, stability, and security over the lifespan of the application, removing the needs for ongoing licensing fees, and reducing the costs in upfront charges. Anahata is an Oracle Certified Partner, and as well as using Java they also use MySQL and Oracle Database. They work also as a certified developer partner for the software accounting package Mind Your Own Business (MYOB).

Car Parking Industry

The parking industry has a number of solutions that they require to assist them in efficient business operation. They require the tracking of vehicles on long haul journeys with various amounts of freight. For goods to be delivered in timely fashion, its imperative that drivers are tracked to ensure goods such as cold storage are delivered on time, and with minimum breaks in between the drivers long haul driving. There is also a large increase in the amount of vehicles on the road, which is causing a swelling on the local car parking spots provided by the local council’s and private car parking provided by private firms. IT applications in the parking industry have typically had a short lifespan, and are greatly overpriced. Anahata has entered the market to try to bring a sense of expertise to the problems, and provide their custom end solutions. Helping business and government maximise revenues by ensuring good efficiency and turnover in various car parking schemes.

Car Parking Solutions

car parking ticket machine

car parking ticket machine

There are many aspects of parking solutions that have to be analyzed and catered for when providing a complete solution. Car parking podiums are becoming an increasing sight with the increase of high rise building in, and out of town shopping centres. A solution for the parking industry should involve time management features, marketing tactics, and the ability to analyze post critical data. The user interface to the parking tickets should be user friendly and designed to make it easy to understand the terms and condition so the car parking space in general. Financial consolidation options should also be a factor with the option to integrate third party advertising on the back of tickets to provide additional revenue streams for the car park owner. There has to be integration with lighting and indication systems too, to show what areas of the car park are full or free.

There are certain decision making aspects that go into providing a complete car parking software solution. The correct parking lots have to be assigned and then measured. The flow of traffic and the times that they parking lots is most busy has to be reported so that financial changes can be brought into effect for challenges such as peak time and off peak time pricing. There are different types of client data requiring analysis such as the types of clients that use commercial car parking lots, and those that are business clients in the commercial arena. As the space inside cities becomes a premium, so the software has to be adaptable to the cost changes. The long term trends of data have to be analyzed and considered by the owners of the car parking space. Additional services that promote the longevity of the car park have to be considered too, website design and search engine optimization (SEO) is also a must have for the marketing of the business.

Future Of Car Parking

As the future of car parking reaches more and more critical points, due to the amount of vehicles on the road, so does the opportunity to provide spaces in city centres, shopping malls, and as part of underground complex increase. Soon with the recently announced driverless car parks we are going to see an even larger strain on these car parks, as access to vehicle, and the need for mobility increase. Once thing for sure is the software that is used to manage these parking spots is going to have to be efficient, and also provide value to customer. Unlike the cost of a parking ticket, a car parking space is still cheaper.



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