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| July 1, 2015

Aspire Ladies Petite Complete Set

Petite ladies, celebrate! Aspire has created a ladies golf set specifically for petite lady golfers under 5’5”. A set like this is unique in today’s market. The set’s light weight and shorter shafts make it easier for ladies to get power and performance in easy-to-handle clubs. The complete golf set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, four irons putter, stand bag and matching headcovers.

Aspire has released the Ladies Petite Complete Set, a full set of clubs and stand bag exclusively for petite women. Very few petite golf sets are available on the market, and this set offers the best in value. For women who are between 5’0” and 5’4”, this ladies set offers a comfortable fit with clubs that are just the right size and weight.

The set begins with a titanium driver, which has a large head with plenty of forgiveness. The driver is designed with a high moment of inertia to ensure that the ball flies high and long. Both a fairway wood and hybrid wood give players versatility on the course. Four stainless steel irons are strong and have excellent control. An offset putter includes a built-in alignment guide to help beginners line up the right shot.

The included stand bag is made of a strong material in neutral colors. Seven zippered pockets keep golf gear organized, and a full apparel pocket and tee holder are nice additions. The bag is lightweight and easily carried with its double padded shoulder straps. A matching rainhood and headcovers complete the set.

While Aspire does not have the popular name that Nike and Callaway have, the set offers many of the technological features that expensive sets boast: a titanium driver, high moment of inertia designs and a mix of woods, irons and hybrids. While reviews of the “Aspire – Ladies Petite Complete Set” may be limited, the set provides new players a lot of value in a design that will particularly appeal to ladies who find men’s and even women’s clubs difficult to handle.

Aspire X1 Ladies Womens Complete

Aspire X1 Ladies Womens Complete


Aspire Golf – Ladies Latest Model Complete Set Pink (XD3)

Aspire Golf has designed a full range of women’s golf products, including a number of club sets. This latest model of the Aspire ladies’ club sets, the XD3, offers women eight golf clubs, including a driver, two hybrids, five irons and putter. With graphite shafts and performance-enhancing technology, these pink ladies golf clubs together are a great starter set for women. A pink golf club bag and matching headcovers complete the set.

Aspire Golf introduces their latest set of golf clubs for women: the Aspire XD3 Complete Golf Set. The Aspire XD3 series really shines with its driver and hybrids. The titanium driver has a large, 460cc head to help players get a solid hit every time. While the head may be a bit larger than some players are used to, women should find the club easy to master, and with great results on the course and the driving range.

The fact that the set includes two hybrids is rare, even for ladies’ golf sets that have a much higher price tag. Beginning players will likely find the hybrids to be very versatile throughout the course.

The included five irons provide traditional clubs for different type of terrain and distances. The set’s ball putter has an alignment guide to assist beginners with lining up the shot perfectly. Every club in this set has a graphite shaft that is lightweight, flexible and easy to handle. The golf clubs, stand bag & headcovers all have pink accents that will stand out on the course.

Aspire Golf strives to provide cost-effective golf gear options for players, and this set is no exception. The Aspire Golf – Ladies Latest Model Complete Set Pink has a full set of clubs, including both irons and hybrids, that can go straight onto the golf course. While Aspire products do not have the name recognition of some companies in the golf industry, the products offer quality without an expensive price tag. This ladies’ set in particular is designed for beginners and players with a high handicap, and it should provide players with the technology and variety needed to see game improvement.

Aspire C500 Ladies Hybrids Woods

Aspire C500 Ladies Hybrids Woods


Aspire – Ladies Complete – High Launch

Within the golf industry, Aspire Golf is known as a company that produces a full range of quality golf gear for both men and women players. The typical Aspire players is a beginner or high handicapper, and this Aspire – Ladies Complete Golf Set is a beginner’s set designed to enable lady golfers to hit the golf course with style and confidence. In addition to a putter and driver, the set includes two hybrid woods and five classic irons, together with a matching black and pink stand bag and headcovers.

Aspire Golf has put together a set of their Launch golf clubs for women. The Launch name refers to the fact that these clubs have been designed with a low center of gravity to allow players to get a high launch. First in the set is the titanium driver, which has a large, 460cc head to enable players increased forgiveness and accuracy. Beginners will gain more confidence when approaching the tee at the driving range or on the course with this well-suited driver.

Two hybrids, a 21 degree and a 24 degree, offer versatility on the course, and players should find these clubs useful when facing difficult shots. The five irons, including a pitching wedge, offer classic style clubs. Finally, the putter has an alignment aid to help players line up the shot. The clubs fit nicely into the included club bag, which is primarily black with pink and white accents. A stand pops out of the bag for ease of use on the course or driving range.

Beginners and those looking to purchase their first complete set will find a great bargain in this Ladies Launch set from Aspire. The range of clubs is great for a beginner, and the addition of the hybrids, which are becoming more popular, is a bit unique, especially for a set at this price. The club bag seems well-made and has padded straps for easier carrying. Once more experienced, a player can easily add some additional clubs to this set for more versatility and greater performance improvement.



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