Are You Insane Enough For Insanity?

| May 23, 2015

The Insanity 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program from Beachbody is an excellent way to turn your fitness goals into reality. The personal trainer Shaun T guides you as your mind body, and fitness limits are tested. Insanity is an incredibly rigorous exercise program, but its benefits far outweigh the alternative of not doing it.

Insanity Workout

Insanity Workout

When you buy the Insanity program, you will receive the complete set, including the Insanity Elite nutrition guide, fitness guide, the Insanity 60-day workout calendar, and the 10 powerful DVDs to jump start and improve your workout habits, weight loss and overall body tone. Free access to online support tools give you motivation, fitness professionals and peer reinforcement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Loads of Extras Including Nutrition Guide.
  • 10 Intense Fitness Packed DVDs.
  • Online Support from Fitness Experts.

With Insanity you are constantly moving with short periods of rest, ensuring that your body is being pushed above and beyond its limits. You constantly get challenged and pushed to your maximum fitness limits. As intense as it is, you’ll be happy 60 days from now, as the results are a much better toned body.

Insanity allows you to track your progress and you’ll see a huge difference from day 1 to day 60. Insanity is a 60-day long program that is unlike any other exercise program on the market. You will not find another one like it, especially that can show the results in 2 months. The unique and hardcore exercises and drills focus on plyometrics, aerobics and anaerobics. There are intervals for strength, power, resistance, cardio and training for your core.

Each Insanity DVD is designed to test and train your abilities and fitness goals with high intensity workouts, quick intervals and fat burning routines. Insanity comes with the 10 DVDs that no one else can offer. Dig Deeper & Fit Test, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power & Resistance, Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery, Pure Cardio & Abs, Cardio Abs, Core Cardio & Balance, Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyometrics and Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs all give you a total of over 7 ½ hours of exercises!

All you need is your body and the drive from deep within to push through and succeed. No equipment, special fitness tools or weights are needed with Insanity. No matter your fitness level, Insanity is perfect if you have been searching for easy ways to lose weight, strengthen, tone and feel better about yourself and your body.

Losing weight is a very important goal for people and for good reason. It can lead to a healthier lifestyle, better eating habits and an improved sense of self. Maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit is not something you can do overnight. It takes dedication, the desire to complete your fitness goals, a healthy diet and a great workout regimen. Insanity helps give you the motivation and the mental support that you need to get there.



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