Adams Golf Sets For Women

| June 30, 2015

Adams are one of the world’s best golf club manufacturers, and they have some terrific sets available for women. It can sometimes be hard if you’re a women golfer, yes, there are many of them, well just to balance things up here is a roundup of some of their best clubs.

Adams Lady Editors Choice Lynne 13 Piece

The new Adams Lady Editors Choice Lynne 13 Piece golf set offers lady golfers something very rare: a club set in which every single piece shines. As its name suggests, the set brings together editor’s choice pieces, including many award winning pieces, into a complementary club set with the latest technology, design, and aesthetics.

Adams Ladies Speedline Plus

Adams Ladies Speedline Plus

Nearly every piece in this 13-piece set stands out among the competition, and it’s difficult to identify the hallmark of the set. Its driver, for one, has been lauded as the highest performing lightweight driver currently on the market. The first-of-its-kind Speedline 9088UL Driver incorporates an acronymic design with a lightweight built for exceptional speed and power that’s surprising easy to hit.

At the top of the 2011 Hot List are the Idea Tech V3 Hybrids, two easy-to-hit clubs designed for ultimate performance on a wide range of terrains. Adams Golf introduced these hybrids to much acclaim, and design improvements, including the hotter face and improved sole design, have made these some of the best-performing clubs on the market. The hybrids in this set offer lady golfers the same materials and technology of the men’s line with specific tooling and designs to cater to a woman’s specific playing style.

Three of the Speedline LP Fairway Woods, #3, #5, and #7, complement the hybrids by giving players the tools to get the ball out of any spot on the course. Adams Golf’s patented Velocity Slot Technology creates a visible slot in the sole of the club, which provides a spring-like effect upon contact with the ball. The result is low-profile clubs that easily get the ball launched into the air with power. A set of short irons, sand wedge, and Yes! Brand putter featuring C-groove technology complete this set.

As one would expect from a set of this quality, each of the clubs comes with a graphite shaft for greater strength with a lighter weight. Nothing but the best golf bag is included; the Keri Golf cart bag is made with premium material and includes a plethora of pockets for keeping golfers organized on the course. For this special set, Keri Golf has brought back a favorite design, a chocolate color with pink and blue details. Matching headcovers are included.

The Adams Lady Editors Choice Lynne 13 Piece set lives up to its name, and it’s received only the highest reviews by tour players and amateurs alike. With the latest technology, and many pieces that sell for $300+, this set stands as the newest and best available in the market. Lady golfers seeking the highest quality, women who are already fans of Adams Golf, and those who prefer hybrid technology need to have this set at the top of their list.

Adams A30S

Adams Golf’s women’s division introduces the premier complete women’s golf set with Boxer technology. A favorite of female golfers and a regular on Golf Digest’s Hot List year after year, Adams Golf is a name to know in the golf industry. Golf pros and amateurs alike have relied on the excellent hybrid technology and quality materials of Adams Golf’s products.

Adams Golf Women's New Idea Complete

Adams Golf Women’s New Idea Complete

The Adams A30S 13 Piece Integrated Complete Set offers a full range of clubs for the lady golfer. The set is built around three Boxer hybrids, a number 4, 5, and 6. These hybrids have a boxier style that moves the club head’s weight to the perimeter and rear. Boxer Technology allows for a much higher moment of inertia, a higher trajectory, and faster speed than previous models. In fact, these hybrids have a MOI that is between 30 to 70 percent higher than other hybrids on the market.

In addition to the hybrids, the Adams Golf A3OS 13-piece set includes an oversize titanium driver with a 460cc head, designed for maximum power on the course or the driving range. Three additional hybrids, the numbers 7, 8, and 9, have an iron-like feel. With excellent launch angles, these hybrids are an excellent complement to the Boxer hybrids and wedges. Two fairway woods are designed with a patented low profile face. Rounding out the set is a pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, and mallet putter. Adams has designed the wedges with large clubheads to make them easier to hit.

Each of the thirteen clubs is fitted with a Grafalloy graphite shaft, a preferred shaft material by lady golfers for its light weight and flexibility. The driver and fairway woods have a slightly lighter shaft at 50 grams, while the other clubs have 55 gram shafts. A modern, lightweight golf bag matches the head covers. As a whole, the Adams a30S 13 Piece Integrated Complete Set offers forgiveness, accuracy, and distance in a set designed specifically for lady golfers.

Golf Digest categorizes the technology in the Adams A30S 13 Piece Integrated Complete Set as “Super Game Improvement” clubs. Rated highly for reliability, quality, performance, and value, the Boxer Technology adds considerably to the set. For women looking for a golf set that has a number of hybrids, features large club faces, and comes with graphite shafts, this particular Adams Golf set is a worthwhile investment for both the more experienced golfer and the improving players seeking a first complete set.

Adams Golf – Ladies Tight Lies Complete Golf Set

Adams Golf Ladies Tight Lies Complete Golf Set brings Adams Golf’s best technology to women golfers looking for a complete set to hit the course. This all-in-one golf club set includes fairway woods, irons, hybrids, mallet putter, driver and cart bag. Designed for all levels of players, the Adams Golf Ladies Tight Lies set is particularly designed to offer easy-to-use clubs and a lot of forgiveness, which beginners and improving players will appreciate.

Adams Tight Lies Plus

Adams Tight Lies Plus

This Adams Golf set has received very high reviews, especially among improving players. With a singular goal of creating a club set that enables players to hit straight and powerful shots. The light blue club bag matches the light blue distinctive clubs, creating a sleek, cohesive look.

The Tight Lies set has a complete set of clubs designed to work on any part of the course and driving range. The complete set revolves around the titanium driver with an oversized head for maximum forgiveness; the aerodynamic design of the club head and its overall light weight create a powerful swing and greater distance. It’s mallet-style putter is easy-to-hit and has an alignment aid. Another key part of the set is the included Idea a7OS 5 Hybrid. The Idea hybrid features Adams Golf exclusive technology that has landed the hybrid on top of the hybrids used on the tour.

Three, five and seven fairway woods are very easy to hit. The 6-PW, SW irons have perimeter weighting that allow players to get greater power. Each of the clubs is made with Supershaft graphite shafts, a preferred shaft material for women because of its lightweight and easy control. All of the clubs fit into the matching blue and white cart bag, which can be carried or put on a golf cart. A rain hood and matching headcovers are included.

Reviews for the “Adams Golf – Ladies Tight Lies Complete Golf Set w Bag” have been outstanding; the clubs are easy to hit and offer plenty of forgiveness. The diversity of the set works throughout the course, and the driver and hybrid, in particular, are highly effective. Players will appreciate using the hybrid instead of a long iron for greater distance, more forgiveness and straighter shots.

Adams Golf A70S Starter Set

The Adams Golf A7OS Starter Set offers women golfers a foundational set designed by Adams Golf, an industry leader in technologically innovative golf gear. For the last 25 years, Adams Golf has specialized in perfecting advanced hybrid technology. The goal of the company is to create products that serve the casual golfer in particular with straightforward choices in golf equipment. The Adams Golf A7OS Starter Set accomplishes the goal with seven key clubs and a stand bag.

Adams Golf Speedline Steel Uniflex

Adams Golf Speedline Steel Uniflex

Adams Golf designed the A7OS Starter Set as a foundation for the casual female golfer; the clubs offer versatility on the course with the ability for players to add in additional clubs for further game development. The high-launch driver has a 460cc titanium head, the largest head size legal, which provides maximum forgiveness. The 5-wood has a lower center of gravity and low-profile clubface.

The set also includes a 5 hybrid, the company’s specialty product, which has an ultra-thin crown, thin face and low center of gravity. A sand wedge, 7- and 9-irons and mallet putter complete the club set. The mallet putter is designed for beginners with an alignment aid and easy-to-use design. Each of the clubs is engineered with ideal weighting for optimal balance and performance.

The camel colored stand page has a unique look. With a weight of less than four pounds and padded straps, the stand bag is easy to carry throughout the course. The six pockets keep the clubs organized, including an insulated drink sleeve. The set is available with both left-handed and right-handed clubs.

The Adams Golf A7OS Starter Set is based on the company’s popular Idea series, which has been used by tour players for years. Adams Golf products have won awards from Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golf Datatech. Both occasional and beginning players have rated this set highly for performance and easy handling. The set works very well as a beginner’s set, and it can easily be added on to with additional products as a player becomes more prolific in the game.



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