Action Packed PS Vita FPS Games

| May 19, 2015

The Playstation Vita is a great platform for First Person Shooters (FPS). There are some great action packed titles. Here is a list of some of the best with some old and classic titles as well as newer titles for 2015. This list contains a variety in the genre, from the serious to the fun, but all have action FPS in common, and will keep your gaming finger trigger aching.



Resistance Burning Skies

Resistance Burning Skies is a sci fi storyline based FPS. It follows the story of Resistance that was on the PS4. It’s a linear single player game that sees the player pick up a range of weapons and fight of the chimaera. There are waves of them coming at you, and you have to find more than enough bullets to cope. You have to progress through the levels, meeting the chimaera bosses and destroying them too.

The game features tough AI, with the aliens running for cover when you attack them, and some sneaky maneuvers to try and catch you off guard. Playing throughout each of the maps is also varied, and keeps your interest in doing battle and with the storyline. It does feature an online 8 multiplayer, with 3 different modes across 6 maps. This adds a great longevity to the game and will have you connecting to the online servers once you complete the single player. The graphics are great, and with amazing boss animations, you will be impressed.


Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified

This inception of the series Call of Duty, is another take on the popular game. It has received some mixed reviews, with complaints being that the game is too short and many of the models are just re-used from previous games. If you can overlook these shortcomings this is an excellent action shooter. There is a huge range of variety with the weapons you can pick up and use being nearly 20 and also 9 attachments for each gun.

This is a large amount varied map exploration, with the environment featuring everything from doors that have to be exploded to gain access to glass skylines that have to be dropped through to surprise the enemies. There is lots of action from enemies too, and the game features building exploration as well as outside environment navigation. There is good animation with the weapons and the kills, and if you complete the single player quick, as you will you can jump into multiplayer and play that too, with the option to even have 4v4 over WiFi.


Killzone Mercenary

Killzone Mercenary is an FPS action shooter game set in a futuristic industrial style environment. It’s an older game for the Vita, but still its one of the best looking. It features a huge range of graphic effects, such as dynamic lighting, and filmic post processing which give the game a close to real life film look. The game is set in the world of mercenaries and has you killing and completing missions for money. You can then find in game crashes with more weapons in them which you can purchase. You can kill opponents in a variety of ways, and also play the game differently.

You can just plain shoot people dead, or choose to sneak up quietly, and cut their throat with your knife. This game is fun, and its built with large explorable environments that allow you to use everything from sniper rifles, electric guns, to all out rocket launchers. There are also flying vehicles at your disposal. There is a hardcore following of gamers who play Killzone on the online servers, and you can join them and play up to 8 players per match, and there are 8 of the best maps featured. It’s a brutal and sick game, and you might just love it.


Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a well known console game, and this is a direct port from the console versions. That means the game world, and graphics are all top standard. The death animations on the enemies has had to be turned down, and there is a lack of shadows, but apart from that, this plays like the great cartoon style FPS game it is. You can choose from one the 4 distinctively different playable characters who brandishes and specializes in different weapons, and skills. Your job is to play through the storyline, and also to pickup the in game loot such as weapons and shields.

There are tons of weapon variations in this game, so your killing spree can be as creative as you like. There is also downloadable in game content too. Borderlands has everything the console version have, driving, exploring the massive world, and punching. Its a game that also features 2 player co op. There are some notable flaw, such as the frame rate slowing down when there is tons of action on the screen, but it’s not often enough to really hinder the gameplay overall. If you can overlook this slight downside, you will have an enjoyable and fun first person shooter on your hands.


Duke Nukem Megaton Edition

You’ve maybe not heard of Duke Nukem if you’ve been a hardcore playstation gamer all your life. If so, then you have lots of ground to catch up on. Duke Nukem was one of the first, and still remains the most original gameplay FPS shooters to hit PC screens. It features amazing map explorations and details, and a great storyline with alien invaders, that as Duke Nukem you have to destroy. There are bunches of great weapons, as well as fun one liner commentary dialogues.

The game has been given a slight overhaul of graphics, but don’t expect any shadow technology or detailed characters, this game is a cartoon romp, and it’s all about the gameplay. Tons of easter eggs, tons of babes to rescue, and tons of action. Duke Nukem is a blast from the past that sets the bar as high as possible in terms of fun. Get it.



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