7 Of the Hardest Bosses In Video Game History

| April 29, 2015

Video games come with great appeal. The gameplay, the storyline, the environment. Packed with so much entertainment there was nothing more frustrating than an end of level boss that would tear you apart and cease your gaming ability from travelling any further, rendering all your hours of gameplay for nothing. Here are some of the hardest and most unique game bosses in the history of video games.

Metal Gear Solid Mantis

Metal Gear Solid Mantis Boss

Metal Gear Solid

There are few bosses as hard as the Mantis in MGS. The Mantis had the unbelievable skill of reading your memory card to find out what other Konami game you had been playing, and shake the playstation controller in an effort to display his mind control powers. The frustrating thing about the Mantis was his ability to read your moves, so it was impossible to really beat him. There was only one solution, and that was to unplug the controller from the slot and plug into the second controller port. This way you could defeat the Mantis. No other game has been so devilish in an attempt to stop you from completing it.


Splatterhouse 2 final boss

Splatterhouse 2 final boss

Splatterhouse 2

After fighting the tough enough lake monster, Rick must go on to defeat The Evil One, and boy is he evil. Firing flashing red wolf heads at you while darting about the screen caused you to have to get your positing just right before you aimed a shot. You could then hit him with a punch or flying kick at just the right moment. Once you defeated the large mass of skulls that was the evil one, it would change form and become a fast flying and flashing demon skull. This is where it got really rough. Unpredictable movements, and a very fast speed, he would take your life health down to the wire before you could defeat him.


master hand

master hand Boss

Super Smash Bros

When you first encounter Master Hand on the N64, you must think that the battle is going to be easy. What sort of things will a hand really be able to do? Well by the time you find out, you can be flicked off the screen and to your doom. Master Hand flies about the screen, and flies out of the screen, only to zoom back in at high speed, and try to bash you off the island. He can also shoot a fireball from his fingertips, and even give you a little jab as you try to jump and thump him. One of the weirdest sprites for an end of level boss, but also one of the toughest.


Kai Leng

Kai Leng Boss

Mass Effect 3

The final boss to Mass Effect 3 is a fast paced cyber ninja in the form of Kai Leng. He darts around the map, avoiding your fire, and sending out various robotic soldiers to carry out his dirty work on you. Using his power he creates large explosions that not only tear the map apart, but also give you considerable damage too. It takes an exceptional aim, and the willingness to change your position fast to beat him.


Poseidon Boss

Poseidon Boss

God of War 3

Although not the very last boss in the game, Poseidon was one of the hardest and also most visually appealing. Poseidon was around 100 times the size of Kratos, yet with the help of Mother Earth, you could battle him to an end. Poseidon came equipped with water horses and giant tentacles that shook the screen. The action in the battle is breathtaking, and really pushed the limits of the consoles that it was released on to their limits with its dynamic camera movement, and amount of on screen action.


Mike Tyson Punch Out

Mike Tyson Punch Out Boss

Mike Tyson Punch Out

Mike Tyson Punch-Out! was a game that packed a punch. You took control of Little Mac throughout a boxing tournament, and for the last boss of the game, had to defeat the almost invincible Mike Tyson. You would be floored by a single punch from Tyson, and if you got hit by a knockout blow, it was lights out for your career. What made this game have one of the most difficult end of game bosses was you lack of game save ability. Something that today’s gaming generation wouldn’t even know about.


Riftworm Boss

Riftworm Boss

Gears of War 2

The riftworm was the ultimate end of level boss. It was actually a complete level. The entire Gears of War squad are swallowed by the riftworm, and have to make their way to its 3 beating hearts. There are enemies and landscapes to navigate inside the riftworm, and once you had found the hearts you would use the chainsaw part of your gun to cut its arteries, spilling blood all over the area. You even had to avoid the blood filled areas to stop yourself from drowning.



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