5 Twists On Traditional Social Media Marketing

| May 7, 2015

High quality content creation is the backbone of successful social media campaigns. High quality content is among the most clicked through online, and then the most re-shared If you want a few ideas about what else you can do in your social media accounts then take a look at the list of hints and tips gathered here, you might find a few surprise you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


You can try your hand at Tweetcasting. Twitter have launched their new Meerkat app recently that allows you to generate lots of excitement and interest in your twitter circle. Meerkat gives you the chance to stream video directly on Twitter, in real time. When you create a meerkast, your twitter followers get notified, and can watch it live right within their twitter account. Once the video is completed the video is gone forever, so there are no replays, or downloads. Its best to give notification of when you plan to do one of these events, by tweeting a few times before the big day. This gives your users a better chance at engagement.

There are a few ideas you can use of what to stream on your meerkasts including:

  • Streaming product demos and launches
  • Broadcasting coverage from industry events and conferences
  • Share fast and breaking news as it happens.

Facebook Groups

When Facebook first began, groups were used my small and medium sized business to broadcast their message on the platform. Once Facebook went on to create pages, the significance of groups changed. Facebook groups can still be a very good tool to actively promote your message among consumers. Groups are like online discussion boards, or even forums. Each member of the group has an equal voice in any conversations that take place, and the page admins can broadcast messages while group admins act as moderators, being able to pin important posts to the top of the group.

The advantages that groups bring to brands and businesses are:

  • Find out exactly what your target market has to say about you
  • Participation in conversations as your regular Facebook account, not a faceless page.
  • Offer benefits or also discounts to the members of the group
  • Promote and test content or new products

Personalise Connections

Another great way to really shine your brand or business into the spotlight through social media, is taking a more personal approach to your fans or followers. The airline KLM used this strategy very effectively when they located passengers that were waiting on flights with the airline that had been delayed.

They investigated the social media accounts of the passengers that where waiting, and found out where they where going on holiday, and also what they were planning on doing there. They then used this information to purchase small gifts for the passengers from the local duty free stores, and handed them out to the passengers at the terminal. From the cost of 40 gifts, KLM’s Twitter feed lit up to 1 million views, and there was hundreds of thousands of views on the videos that where taken of the gifts. The cost of such personalised connections had been very little, but the promotional advertising effect had been massive.

Here is how you can use this strategy in your business:

  • Select by random social media users and give them a gift
  • Hold a competition with maybe something like the best voted photo wins
  • Reply directly to customer feedback, don’t just roll out blanket strategies.

Posting Infrequently

There are a few myths going around that posting more often increase user engagement. Recent research by Hubspot however has found no connection between the number of posts, and the level of engagement received. In some cases, if the amount of posts were large, the engagement would actually go down. Mainly due probably to the level of intrusion felt by users into their social media feeds.

It was found that when the average number of posts published each week decreased, the actual level of engagement went up dramatically. This doesn’t mean you should turn the tap off your already successful frequency of marketing, but it does mean that you should take more care, and time to study your social media feeds, and how often people engage with them depending what level of posting you undertake.

Some ideas for varying your social media feeds include:

  • Posting updates about new content coming soon
  • Updates with videos and updates without
  • Posting when most people are home after work
  • Using different hashtags, and measuring the engagement after

Post Planner

You have probably already learnt that viral images are very popular on social media, and that viral posts can result in lots of engagement with your content. This is true on Facebook & Twitter posts. Page posts on Facebook however, only reach a small percentage of your fans. You can mitigate this situation by posting more viral images and content. This will engage more of your fans to click on your content and read more about it. Where do you get images and ideas for viral content though?

You can use Post Planner as the tool to find and use viral images. There is a inbuilt function into Post Planner called Facebook Status Ideas Engine. This means you take all the guesswork out of viral content and instead focus on ideas that have already been proven to go viral on Facebook according to past records.

Some of the features that Post Planner gives you are:

  • Consistent Post rollout to avoid pauses
  • Trending content in your niche
  • Laser targeting to target fans in location and demographics
  • Perfect timing with real time analytics reports



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