5 Alternative Pokemon Game Apps On iOS and Android

| May 15, 2015

Pokemon is everyone’s favourite RPG game. Nintendo has no plans for release on mobile, however, there are some great Pokemon clones available for download on iOS and Android. If you’ve waited years to get your monster battle on, then wait no longer. These are the 5 best Pokemon clones that will allow you to capture a variety of new monsters, and explore lands afar. If you’re finding it difficult to download gba pokemon rom, this list of pokemon clone games will keep you entertained instead. They are all available as an easy apk file to download, and you can play them on your phone or tablet.

Pokemon Monsters

Pokemon Monsters

Beastie Bay

In Beastie Bay you play the role of Robin, who’s washed up on a desert island with his pet duck. The aim of the game is to build your resort to attract tourists, which is the simulation side of the game, and then catch and train various animals and monsters to help protect your resort from other nasties.

Just like Pokemon the creatures that you catch have elemental strengths and weakness, so you have to build up a varied fighting team. As you explore more of the island, the creatures get stranger and more unique, and as you battle to tame more, you play in a turn based mechanism. The monsters that you catch act as your teammate and also has your employees on the resort. This is a fun and colorful pokemon style game that mixes well with the simulation style element.

Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is a great Pokemon games app that you can download from the android market that features you exploring a colorful and unique land in the search for monsters to battle and collect. The animations of the game’s characters is super, with a great deal of effects going in to even a monsters most basic of attacks. As you travel and collect the monsters in the land, you can level them up so they gain more uses of their particular special techniques.

Just like the well known Pokemon games, there are special containers called Capture Balls, that allow you to capture a monster when it is weakened. One of the best features of this game is that you can even play it offline. Its a great alternative to Pokemon with much thought and care put into the storyline, and creature variety.


Zenforms is a cute RPG game that plays and borrows directly from Pokemon games and storyline. You play an aspiring Zenform trainer who is just starting at the local Protector school. With your first awarded Zenform, you continue through the storyline of collecting more, and learning about the history of the land. The Zenforms are born from crystals, and these must be nurtured to train your Zenform.

There are 4 stages of development for your Zenform. Newborns, children, adolescents and grands. Just like pokemon it’s possible to level up your Zenform creature and achieve greater combat abilities for battles. There are lots of similarities with gameplay style, storyline and graphics, with even the elemental starters of water, fire and grass featuring, but this is a good thing. You know just what to expect, and if your a previous gamer of the Pokemon games, you’ll feel right at home with the exploration and combat system.

Might Monsters

Might Monsters has you going on adventurous quests, and exploring mystical islands throughout the game. There isn’t much more to the game storyline than that. It’s a simple Pokemon copycat that features heavily on the training of your monsters, and the battling of those monsters too. Unlike other Pokemon similar games, Might Monsters is a social game so you can play and chat with your friends. You start with either a water, fire, or grass monster and venture out onto the various islands to find more, doing battle as you travel.

Each of the islands is split up into a number of tasks and difficulties and you get rewards for completing them, and then the chance to play them again at a higher difficulty, with brand new monsters to discover. You can see the evolutions of each of the monsters that you catch, so you are motivated to really use that monster in fights if you want to level it up, and see it evolve. The graphics are great, and the fight sequences are fun, and this game will keep you entertained, and your battery on re-charge. This is the closest you will get to a trading card game for the android.

Haypi Monster

Haypi Monster is a fun game that plays just like classic pokemon games and features the player travelling over a variety of zone. These include forest and volcano, and each is packed with its own indigenous creatures. The way you play the level is as a simple board game style, where you roll the dice and move the number of spaces in the hope that you will land on a monster square and do battle. Each of the creatures has different skills, as well as elemental strengths and weakness.

You can re-explore each of the stages after you complete them to try and capture more monsters for your team. The battle screens are very similar to Pokemon and show your monster into the forefront and the monster your doing battle with in the distance, and the animations and actions are colorful and varied. You choose from one of the many moves your monster has and there are up to 4, or you can swap out for another team member. This is a great simple to pick up role play game, and with the added feature of multiplayer on iOS, you will be glued to your screen with PvP battles.



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