5 Alternative Internet Browsers for Android and iOS

| April 21, 2015

All Smartphones come with a pre installed internet browser. This can be chrome for the android, or Safari, for the iOS. But what if you want an alternative browser? Its easy to find a range of alternative browsers in both Google, and Apple’s app stores. Alternative browsers offer a different set of options including functionality that is missing from the mainstream browsers, and faster more optimized browsing speeds. However which ones are worth installing? Here is a roundup of 3 of the best browsers that offer a good alternative to the out the box browsers.

alternative browser logos

alternative browser logos


Dolphin browser icon

Dolphin browser icon

A fast and lightweight browser, Dolphin is designed for Android and iOS devices, and best of all its free. Its designed especially for touch enabled devices, with touch friendly controls. It loads pages with lightening speed and has a number of great features not seen in other browsers. You can swipe left or right on the screen and it will open new tabs or access your bookmarks. It also allows you to set up customized gesture browsing. This means you can complete a gesture on the screen and automatically activate a certain function like loading a certain site, or bookmarking the current site. You can also purchase Dolphin Sonar, which is a plugin for Dolphin that allows you to take control of the browser with your voice.


photon browser icon

photon browser icon

Photon is an internet browser with a difference. It allows you to view flash content. This is something that you can’t do on an iphone or ipad with the built in browser safari. There isn’t a problem with displaying flash content on the android, so there is a different pricing model adopted. If you want the ability to get full screen flash playback on android, you have to pay. The app for iOS is $3.99. The browser of photon is fast and features a lightning icon in the bottom bar that allows you to control the bandwidth that flash uses. This is good if you are accessing different flash content such as video and games, where you need a different setting.


Mercury is a browser that fools other websites into thinking you’re browsing from a desktop device. This is great if you prefer the view of certain websites like the desktop equivalent, rather than a mobile optimized version. It does this by allowing you to setup the browser that you want it to replicate, and allows Internet Explorer and also Firefox. Sometimes mobile websites are limited in their navigation and content options, so this is a great tool to have in your browsing arsenal.

It also has a range of plugins that are developed, and has the ability to access stored gestures by shaking or swiping your screen a certain way. It also has a Mercury Connect feature that means you can synchronize your bookmarks with Chrome or Firefox. The app is available as for $0.99 on the iOS, or you can have it ad supported in iOS or android.


puffin browser icon

puffin browser icon

A real advanced browser with some cool built in features is Puffin. Its compatible with both iOS and android, and prides itself on being flash playable. This isn’t a problem if you’re using android devices, but many people are searching for iOS browsers that support flash. It boasts a faster than its rivals Chrome & Safari, when it comes to loading websites, and has made some really bold claims about its javascript loading speed being 550% faster than its nearest rival. Puffin has really great cloud features too that are designed to save you the cost and bandwidth of your mobile data plan. Your downloads can be saved directly to your dropbox account, and then downloaded either later, or from your home computer or tablet.


This is a browser that is only available for android at the moment. Its meant to allow you to be more productive with your productivity on your mobile and avoid the delay and waiting that happens with web pages. When you tap on a link, its loaded in the background with an onscreen indicator that tells you that its ready to view. This allows you to continue with whatever app you’re in at that time, while the page is loaded. Hover does have some other functions such as bookmarking and also incognito browsing. You can also access your browsing history too.

These are just some of the new and exciting browser apps that have been developed, there are many more in development. Sometime sticking with what you’re giving isn’t always the best, and certainly if you aren’t aware of some of the features that these browsers offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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