4 Essential Joomla Plugins For Webmasters

| April 24, 2015

Joomla is a popular CMS with web publishers, so what are some of the top plugins to use with your Joomla website? There are a huge range of plugins available for Joomla, as its the second most popular open source CMS after WordPress. Its so well developed though that the different versions of Joomla can render previous plugins that worked obsolete. There are some Joomla plugins however that work with the latest Joomla version 3, and are regularly maintained.

Joomla logo

Joomla logo

SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder is an essential plug if you want to do any template or theme customization. It allows you to build custom layouts for any page that you want to use your designs with.This content construction kit gives you extended capabilities beyond the basic publishing system of Joomla. There are also 41 additional add-ons that you can use to help with your customization. The plugins allow you to customize your sub pages within its drag and drop interface. You can create the type of advanced layouts you always dreamed off with using columns, rows, and core modules. This really makes building websites with Joomla a breeze. It has a full responsive design so will work on desktops or mobile devices. Includes full multimedia integration, and allows you to use built in animation options. Some of the best effects include using a video as the background to your site, or enabling a parallax scrolling background, which is great if you’re a video game site designer. There are 3 options to the plug in. You have the free version which gives you limited access to plugins, and then the professional and pro extended which allows you distribution rights.


Joomla Content Editor is a powerful and popular WYSIWYG editor. It has been around since the early days of Joomla to add much needed editing functionality to the basic article editing. It has way more features than the Joomla included TinyMCE. These include Microsoft Office like functions and similarly looking buttons, and icons. You can upload and insert images directly into your articles using a much more intuitive interface than the default method. You’re able to easily create links to your other sections categories and articles using the unique link browser. You also get access to an advanced code editor to change or add any HTML content. It allows for direct element attribute editing, and contains an integrated spell checker. The plugin is free but there is a pro version with extra add-ons that you purchase too.


Easyblog from Stackideas is a plugin that gives a new take on your article creation and editing. It gives you a new interface to create your posts with thats much more user friendly than the basic Joomla interface. You’re able to pick and choose the buttons that you want to display on the main blogging toolbar. The plugin supports the main template, and provides unicodes in urls so your non-english characters will show properly. There are nested categories that allow you to group your blogs into single or multiple tiered. An advanced media manager allows you to manage your images inside your blog with ease. You can also load in images from your Flickr albums too. There are some great composing features included with Easyblog. You can migrate your blogs from wordpress and K2. There is feed importing allowing you to pull content and publish it automatically. You can even schedule posts, and update your blog from email clients like yahoo, and gmail. Making this a great plugin for bloggers on the move.

Phoca Commander

Phoca Commander is a joomla component that adds a dual panel window file manager to your installation. Its a user friendly component that makes it easy for you to navigate your file structure, and make any file or folder changes from within your browser. You can imagine Filezilla, except you don’t have to leave your joomla site. There are a number of handy features that Phoca Commander can do too. You can change file and folder permissions using CHMOD, and also create new folders or delete them. You can also copy and view files, plus it allows you to zip and unzip archives as well as upload from your local drives into your joomla site.



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