3 Of The Best Free MMORPG Browser Based Games

| May 6, 2015

Browser based MMORPG games are some of the most fun activities you can have in your internet browser. Browser based games offer great graphics, and huge game lands that you can play in with friends, and meet new contacts via in play chat. There are real game options in most of the free MMO games that allow you to level up faster, and acquire new abilities. What are some of the best free to play MMORPG games with no download? Here is a quick roundup of 3 of the best.


League of Angels

League of Angels

League of Angels is a fantasy browser based MMORPG that features turn based gameplay. You are cast as a player in a dramatic world filled with evil, and your quest is to fight through that evil and rescue a hierarchy of angels. You can collect gold and diamonds, which are in the games in built currency. Diamonds are also purchasable via the shopping system. You can use these to increase your heroes abilities. You can also search out better equipment throughout the game, and level up your characters as well as the angels that you save throughout the game. The MMO was awarded Facebook best new game of 2014.

The story revolves around the fight against the Great Demon King, who is out to stop the League of Angels. This is why you must team up with other players to save the League and defeat the Demon King. You have the choice to choose either warrior or mage classes, and you can play as either male or female. Battle is done via the turn based system, and is orchestrated by Heroes, and party positions. Its the plan of attack that is the ultimate key to victory in League of Angels. An amazing MMO like WOW, players can also participate in daily cross server battles which rewards the players based on their own battle PvP and from the resources collected throughout the map.

League of Angels Gameplay

League of Angels Gameplay


Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds is a free to play 2D fantasy action MMORPG. Its from the same creators who brought us the previous Adventure Quest, Mechquest, and DragonFable titles. This browser based flash game features great fun filled animations, and a wide variety of creativity in the monsters that you have to battle with. There are an estimated 30 million registered accounts.

Adventure Quest Worlds is a multiplayer action game, so you can battle throughout the world against the monsters that inhabit the it. Once you beat a monster in the game you gain experience points and gold. This can be used to purchase more extra’s. You can choose the type of attack you complete on monsters, and this can be a melee type attack, or a spell attack.

You can choose to start as one of the 4 classes including Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Healer. Each of them has different strengths and weaknesses, and throughout the game you can level up your characters abilities, and strengths. Once you’ve gained enough reputation points you can also upgrade your classes to more specialized ones such as Chaos Berserker, Troll Spellsmith, and Darkblood Stormking. The game has a complex storyline which features the 13 Lords of Chaos. The MMO is free to play but does allow you to purchase in game objects to improve your ability.

Adventure Quest Worlds Gameplay

Adventure Quest Worlds Gameplay


Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a 3D RPG that is a free to play action game that includes amazing Diablo style 3D graphics and effects. This is a game of next generation free to play browser based MMOs. You have the option to customize your chosen character, their magic powers and their skills. You have to join up with other players to wage a brutal war against evil. The game is visually superior to many other similar MMO’s and features stunning picturesque green forests, medieval towns, murky swamps, and dark caves. This is a MMO with lots to explore and a massive amount of longevity. There are more than 17 million registered users who play the game.

Drakensang Online has been developed by Bigpoint, and they use their in house built Nebula 3 game engine. This has allowed them to produce very impressive 3D graphics and effects that have never been seen in browser based MMORPG’s before. In the game you have the ability to change character classes with 4 selectables ones. Drakensang has built up a large following already, mainly due to its variety of different character skills and the exciting and challenging quests that it features. There is an impressive armoury of weapons to choose and magic to select, and currently more than 100 hours of gaming content which is unheard off.

The story behind Drakensang features players taking up the role of a fearless Dragonknight that are freedom fighters, or choose to be a wise and magical spell weaving wizard. You can also choose to play as Ranger or Steam Mechanicus. Either way, you have to wage war against terrifying dragons, and savage monsters of the so called Anderworld. You have to survive the treacherous dungeons of Drakensang to progress through the game, and you can meet up with other players in public designated gathering sites, such as military camps, or in the cities.

You can then take on challenges together, and team up to march into united battles. Contrasting the cooperation modes in Drakensang, you can also face off against each other in PvP arenas located in the capital city of Kingshill. Fight and find out who is the mightiest warrior in Drakensang Online. The MMORPG also features it’s own currency called Andermant, which you can gain from completing quests and then purchase valuable extras or greater quests.

Drakensang Online Gameplay

Drakensang Online Gameplay



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