3 Easy to Use Tools To Build A Best Selling Android Game

| June 24, 2015

Building a best selling android game doesn’t have to be hard and full of difficult to understand code. You can now create game apps with some web application tools that have in built templates to get you started on the right path and build a best selling game like Flappy Bird, and Candy Crush Saga easier than ever.

It costs less than ever to develop and Android app. There are tools that allow you to develop them from scratch such as Android Studio, and Eclipse, which require you to have knowledge of Java programming. These tools are difficult to setup, and are designed to give you full control over the programming code of your app. If you want to keep coding to a minimum, and just use a template app creator then here is a roundup of the best solutions.

Game Development With Stencyl

Stencyl Programming Logic

Stencyl Programming Logic

The first solution to help you develope free android games is Stencyl. It’s a complete easy to use game studio in a box. There are a number of games that have been best sellers as a result of using Stencyl. Impossible Pixel reached number #2 in the App store, and Blip was #1 in 18 countries. So it is easy to make a living from creating videos with a little practise, and creativity.

Stencyl is a tool that you download to your computer, and is available for Mac, Windows and also Linux. This means it is a true cross platform development tool. Once you install Stencyl you can begin building the foundation of your new game. There are lots of tutorials online for this tool including step by step video tutorials on youtube, as well as a forum you can join to collaborate with other game designers.

Its intuitive to create a new game with Stencyl. Just setup your scenes, the backgrounds, and the actors in the game. Its almost like creating your own mini movie. The part of game development that usually requires a learning curve is programming game logic. This is when you have to assign certain behaviours to your characters or scenery when a control is pressed, or something happens in game. This can be a simple jump, to picking up an object.

Stencyl makes programming easy with its drag and drop block approach. This allows you to put together all the pieces of your game code just like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Each of the different components of the code are colored and contained within their own blocks, so you can see at a glance exactly what is happening with your code. If you’re comfortable with coding you can switch to their inbuilt code editor too, but it’s not required.

The toolbox for Stencyl comes with many template objects and actions already set up. You can easily follow through the template designs to build a game that although won’t be very original, will allow you to become familiar with the programming interface.

The options for making money with your Stencyl game app come in 3 different flavours. For free, you can publish to the web, or you can use their medium package to allow you to publish to both web and desktop, or the studio option gives you the ability to publish to all platforms including the Apple and Google app stores. This is only at a cost of $199 a year, so if you’re serious about becoming a game designer, then this might be the option for you.

Building Your Game With Gamesalad

Gamesalad is a premium web tool that gives you the ability to build some of the most sohphsitied games, with in game features such as in app purchases and social media sharing with Apple’s Game Center, Amazon GameCircle, and of course Twitter and Facebook. It’s very easy to make money with gamesalad.

Gamesalad is available for both Mac and Windows, and features great levels of support with a comprehensive user manual, and video tutorials on Youtube. There are also a few really good tutorials on Udemy.com. One of the things that sets Gamesalad apart from other Android game builder is the marketplace. This is where other game developers publish graphics, audio and template designs for you to buy at a cheap price and use within your own game. There isn’t a huge selection, but there is enough to give you some ideas.

Game salad also comes preloaded with templates that you can use to create your mobile game. The interface that you use for designing is simple to understand and features an easy drag and drop interface for both graphics and character coding. There is no difficult to understand Java programming, just simple drop down menus and easy to setup behaviour libraries. The game is created with HTML 5.

This tool also has an advanced physics engine which means your games play more realistic than ever. It’s easy to combine these movements with the game logic, and everything within Gamesalad is easy to understand and adjust. You can easily preview your game, and if you want to test it on your target device, you can just connect your smartphone or tablet via USB to your computer to get a preview.

Gamesalad gives you the option of 2 types of membership, one is a monthly fee of $29 or annual payment, and this is the pro option. Of course there is the free option, but the pro optin give you access to Android publishing, whereas the basic model is only capable of IOS. You also get the ability to monetize your game with ad networks such as Chartboost and Revmob. You can easily get started and become familiar with their free edition, but once you get the hang of the development, then moving to the pro edition to publish your best selling title will become a viable option.

Creating Your Game With Gamebuilder Studio

Gamebuilder Studio takes drag and drop game building to a whole new level with its easy to use collision detection features, allowing you to just create an adjustable shape over any objects that take part in collision actions. Its designed and built in Adobe Air, so has a nice interface to use. Gamebuilder Studio is also compatible with development on the Mac. It has a similar feel to using Photoshop, and features all the easy to access areas on  a toolbar in the side of the screen.

It is built on a high performance 2D engine and features an animation system called spine, which gives realistic and fluid movements to your character sprites. As well as working in the visual editor you have the ability to switch to code views, to really get the highly personalised game app completed, and the code is output to XML so many developers are able to help you with the code goals that you have. If you want to make any changes to Gamebuilder Studio, you can go right ahead and do so, as it’s an open source application.

Gamebuilder Studio

Gamebuilder Studio

There are 3 incarnations of Gamebuilder Studio. With the free option you get access to the basic features, but what a bargain! There are so many great options to include in your games, such as 1 click play testing. With the Pro and Pro Plus, you get a range of other options such as multiplayer capability, and in game purchasing, and support for ad networks.

Gamebuilder Studio has a strong community following, with many Youtube video tutorials, as well as an active forum with other developers collaborate and share ideas. There are regular posts on the website giving guidance about how to use different features. There isn’t any question that you will have difficulty finding an answer too. They recently released a nice video series documenting creating a flappy bird clone, which is one of the most popular 2d scrollers of all time. There are also tutorials for building Hungry hero, another popular game that was made with Gamebuilder Studio, and your games can be in 3D isometric view too.

Other Tools Available

Some other tools that are available for easy Android game development include Construct 2 by Scirra. This is a true cross platform game publishing program with the ability to also publish to Facebook, Windows phone and even Wii U platforms.



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